HTC 8S Windows Phone Transfer Your Apps To SD Card (Memory Problem)

Update : After installing more number of apps I realized this trick only lets you install apps from the SD card not On the SD card. So this basically install files & cache on the phone memory itself, so that will hardly save 10% of your memory.

If you’re new windows phone user, there is a strong chances you are missing ‘Transfer to SD card’ feature, like in Android. Especially since Windows Phone 8 devices started supporting external SD card, WP smartphones started coming at lower costs but with lower internal memory as well. And if you are one of those facing problem in storing those big MBs of apps and game following tutorial could save you from big frustration.

I have tested this with my HTC 8S device, which started getting storage problems after I installed 10-15 apps and 4-5 games on it, and it started giving me this ‘Low Phone Storage’ errors. Just like you I was unaware of the fact that Windows Phone devices does support apps and games installation on external memory cards, but after researching a little bit, I found this really simple way to save internal memory. Following tutorial can be used with any Windows Phone device with low internal memory like Nokia Lumia smartphones, HTC & Samsung devices as well!

Windows Phone: How To Transfer Your Apps & Games To SD Card 

Let me get your basics clear about this first. Rather than browsing the app from windows app store inside your phone, we are trying to get the direct installation file from app store. We are then going to copy and paste that file (.XAP) in to your phone’s SD card.

After installing the microSD card back in to phone, we will install it on SD card itself, including the app’s cache. And we can save huge chunk of storage on your Windows Phone. Follow the following tutorial to save your internal storage on Windows Phone device like HTC 8S.

Step 1:

Start your browser, Go to this Web address, Press Enter!

Step 2:

Click on Apps+Games section on this webpage, so you can connect with the online Windows Phone Apps & Game Store. After moving on, you can search for your favorite game or app, that you wish to install on external storage.


Step 3:

Now, on your specific app page, like in this case is Drag Race, don’t click on the Install Button yet. As we are not going to install it via store. Just scroll down the same webpage until you see – Download and Install Manually on left sidebar. (Refer following screenshot)


Click that link and get the .XAP file downloaded on your PC.


Step 4:

Insert your microSD card in to your PC/Laptop, Copy that .XAP file and put your memory card back in to your Windows Phone.

Step 5:

Now go to App store in your HTC S, and click on SD Card option as you can see in following image. (If you can not see SD card option yet, better wait for 2-3 minutes.It will only appear once your card is successfully recognized by your smartphone and you have .XAP file copied on it correctly.)


Step 6:

Here you will the apps you have transferred via SD card. Select the app and click on Install.


And that’s pretty much it. Your apps will get installed and cached on SD card now and you can save a lot of space on your Windows Phone smartphones like HTC 8S that have comparatively less internal memory.

NOTE: This is a legit way of installing apps and games from Windows App Store to your phone, which you can confirm about from this official documentation here.

Do let me know if you face any issues or have some suggestion in following comments section. And if you like this article please do consider sharing it for it on Facebook & Twitter!


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5 Responses

  1. This is great!! Thanks a lot!!

    Just one thing, it doesn’t seem to install on SD card, the amount of memory used on the SD card stays the same and that of the phone increases. Is there something I need to do different with installing to make sure it goes on the SD card?

  2. Hi,

    When I install an app from SD card, it still installs in the main memory of my phone. so you solution doesn’t really work like you explain it. If I look at the article on the Microsoft site is explain how to install from the SD card, but there is no word about installing ON the SD card.
    Can you please clarify or change this article?

    1. Hello Patrick,

      Sorry for the inconvenience caused, I am making changes to this article ASAP. Also this does help you save some MBs by keeping actual file on SD card but that’s pretty negligible. As the installation files and cache still remains on the phone memory itself.

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