Get The Dual Interface Experience On Windows 8

Most of PC users still have quite a few doubts about the metro interface of the newly launched Windows 8. I was reading the comments on a blog, where many visitors were discussing about the user experience issues and problem in interacting to the Metro View. Looking at this I explored on the said problem and came out with an article on CNET discussing about the dual interface experience of Windows 8.

Get The Dual Interface Experience On Windows 8

If you have another monitor then you can easily get the lovely experience of accessing the Metro view on one display and the traditional Windows Desktop view on another one. Yes you heard it right you can easily experience the ultimate charisma of Dual Interface Windows 8.

Under the charms Menu of the Metro view of Windows 8, you will find the option which enables you to projects the desktop on the second screen. Doing this you elongate and extend the display just like you do it at the time of professional presentations.

The extended display could be your dedicated home display projecting the Windows 8 desktop view.

So enjoy the desktop view even on Windows 8 and get the experience of dual interface on the single OS!



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