fios tv reviewFios Fiber Optic Television form Verizon is 4 years old this year.

If you have ever experienced the pleasure of Fiber Optic delivery of content to your T.V then you already are familiar with Verizon’s lightning fast Fios which includes crystal clear Digital HD programming, Fast office and home internet connections and low pricenationwide telephone service.

If you are not familiar with Verizon Fios Service, then let’s review and see why Fios is a much better alternative to Cable.

One particular excellent reason is why Verizon is so much superior than Cable is the way HD and Internet data is delivered to your home or office. All Verizon Fios data connections are thru the most advanced Fiber Optics technology available today. No Cable provider at this present time offers Fiber Optic technology

Presently, the only fiber optics content providers are AT&T’s Uverse and Verizon’s Fios and due to this cutting edge technology both are attaining and gaining larger subscriptions throughout the U.S. Verizon Fios also offers various incentives and cash backs to help each and every consumer with their transition from old cable technology to new innovative Fios fiber optics.

Verizons is currently investing overs 30 billion dollars to provide and create an highly advanced fiber optics to home entertainment network and they are on the books to spend more year over year in order to expand and sustain their membership base.

By building a great virtually all fiber content network, there effectively will be no bandwidth limits to hold back large amounts of data or content. In fact, you can now get internet speeds as fast as 100 Mbps, which will allow you to download a two hour movie in just 8 minutes!

In contrast, cable tv downloads max out at about 50 Mbps which would imply the same movie would likely take 20 minutes on a cable television connection.

As a final point, Verizon Fios presents a very tempting encouragement to help get consumers to try out the Fios service. Fios deals and promotions include no activation charge, no contract and $480 cash back immediately.

With special offers like these available, it is easy to discover why this cutting edge service is something you might possibly want to as an option to replace cable Tv.

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  1. Maybe as an option to replace cable TV, but I don’t think it’s an option to replace your satellite. Being an employee of DISH Network I’ve heard a lot of things about FIOS from their former customers, who are now customers of DISH. Mainly what I hear about is the price for the service and how limited the technology is. At DISH Network we still have the best equipment and value for the money. For example I can tell you that FIOS charges a $19.99 service fee for the multi-room DVR service. That’s more than double the standard fee for DISH Networks DVR fee. Another example is that DISH has the largest storage capacity for DVR’s in the industry (1 terabyte), and you can use the TV Everywhere feature using Sling technology. You can’t get that with FIOS.

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