iPhone on Verizon Pre Order Starting At 3 AM on 3rd February 2011

For the guys, who are waiting for their favorite iPhone on Verizon network, we have good news that Verizon is starting shipping iPhone on 3rd February 2011 from 3 AM Eastern Time. This report is recently released by MacRumors that Apple iPhone will come by 3rd February. It also says that people have to wait till 10th of February 2011if you do not get the order because Verizon have limited number of iPhone available currently for shipping. All generations of iPhone will also get trade-in offers by Verizon who are corporate customers  on AT&T GSM network.

Verizon iPhone Preorder F

  • Make sure you have your My Verizon self-serve account set-up online. Orders can only be placed through your my Verizon account. You can register/setup your account at… myaccount.verizonwireless.com
  • On February 3rd at 3am EST, Verizon Wireless will allow our current customers to order upgrades or new lines to their accounts through your My Verizon online account (make sure you have registered before the 3rd).

For trade-ins offer, following could be the possible prices on Verizon network

16GB model of iPhone 2G will cost $60 USD

16GB model of iPhone 3G will cost $105 USD

32GB model of iPhone 3GS will cost $160 USD

16GB model of iPhone 4 will cost $280 USD

32GB model of iPhone 4 will cost $360 USD.


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