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Let’s Rock on From Tata is Most Economical Plan

If you are surfing for the most efficient call rates with cool new offers then you have visited the very right place named Digital Conquerer.

We have surfed through many of CDMA and GSM plans just for you and have taken the opinions of some hardcore users of telecom services. And we have discovered that Tata Indicom’s Lets Rock on Plan is most efficient to all the consumers.

Well for sure according to use it can change, but still it is good in average consideration. And other negative fact that its is a CDMA Technology.

Costing consideration of Lets Rock on:

SIM Cost: 350 Rs.

Tata to Tata (Daytime) : 20p
Tata to others (Daytime) : 60p

Tata to Tata (Night) : 10p
Tata to Others (Night) : 30p

Despite of all these rocking call rates, which I guess are most economical they are having SMS at only 10p in night and 20p in daytime.

Forget all rates, they are also having SMS packs of 35 and 60 Rs which gives you 1500 SMS talk time, means on Lets rock on plan you can have 15000 massages in a month.
It will be a challenge for you to complete all in time. Isn’t it?

That is why we are saying that Tata have the most economical plan for all named: Lets Rock On.

Amol Wagh

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