Softphones: Using Internet Protocol for Better, Cheaper Calls

In today’s mobile workforce, it’s important for traveling employees to have cost-effective phones in order to communicate with the office, coworkers, customers and clients. As everyone has all too often experienced, cell phones have their limitations; they work well if you are in range of a cell tower – but heaven forbid you should have a hill between you.

What’s more, you’re limited to battery life, roaming charges and the inevitable “drop” when you’re just at the point of sale with your customer or client.

Enter softphones.

A softphone is a software program that enables you to make telephone calls over the Internet, by simply using a computer. The primary technology used in softphones is VoIP systems (Voice over Internet Protocol), which allows for free or inexpensive calling.

Soft Phones

Softphones allow you to place calls from your computer to a ground-based telephone line, or cell phone. All you have to do is use your computer as you would a telephone, and dial the number using the numbers on the keyboard. The cables of the computer network will act as a medium and transmit your call.

When using a softphone, you have a choice of what type of applications you want to communicate through: a handset or a headset. Both integrate directly into the computer’s USB ports, and both have great sound quality.

Headsets tend to be more popular because they are portable and hands-free, giving your traveling employees a familiar “work environment.” In addition, this type of accessibility gives your mobile employees more flexibility in how they can reach their clients, especially with the features.

Softphones are very similar to standard phones because they offer many of the same features: call waiting, call forwarding, access to voice mail, teleconferencing and speed dialing. The only “catch” is that you’ll need a VoIP phone system service provider. However, VoIP service providers are not only easy to find but they also guarantee a cost reduction to your business phone bill.

Softphones are ideal for businesses that are trying to keep their calling costs down, or who have employees that travel a lot. Company employees can now sit in a hotel room with Internet access, and make a hands-free call that is as dependable as a land line and as clear as if both speakers were in the same room.

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