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Is BSNL Broadband Connection the Only Best Option for Indians?

As we are aware that BSNL is having its largest network in India for landlines and having a sort of monopoly in it. Because of this reason BSNL was one of the first companies that have introduced broadband connection. Their large network allows them to connect till rural India. This broadband was quite unaffordable in the beginning, but today it is available in at very cheap rates and with high speed connectivity.

BSNL is offering broad ranges of speeds and rates from Personal users to Business users. Though it is having regular problems regarding connections and server, It is still a good choice to have a BSNL broadband connection.

As we know that wireless broadband players have just penetrating the market like Airtel, Idea, Tata and Reliance there device costs and usage rates are very high compared to BSNL broadband. So question remains that is BSNL is the only best option to choose in our country ?

We have to say Yes, at least at this condition they have highest speeds, lowest cost, and little slower troubleshooting.  But still they are major player in broadband for personal users. If you are considering the Business plans, quite a few satellite broadband providers are there in market. But as we know new technology has their very new and unique problem which takes time to diagnose.

Why should we choose BSNL Broadband ?
Higher speeds
Lowest cost compared to others.
Low initial cost. (for modems)
Economical for everyone.
Wide ranges of plans with various downloading options.

Why we should not choose BSNL ?
Regular occurrence of server and connection problems.
Less support from customer care.
Slow troubleshooting speed.

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    lajo June 13, 2009

    i would like to take a broad band connection in my house plse send for me the plan through my mail i d above

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      Amol Wagh June 13, 2009

      They are giving broadband least for Rs.250 with 1 GB Download.
      Rs. 500 for 2 GB download and Night Unlimited plan.
      And now they are also giving unlimited plan for just Rs. 750 per month


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