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Airtel Hiked Its GPRS Rates in Maharashtra Circle

Regular GPRS users must have gone through a shock when Airtel GPRS service has suddenly hiked its rates by Rs.10 before few days.

The GPRS rates before (For Maharashtra Only)
Subscription Charges: 15 Rs./day
Minimum Balance:      20 Rs.

Revised GPRS Rates: (For Maharashtra Only)
Subscription charges: 25 Rs/day
Minimum Balance   :  50 Rs./ Day.

See the change was very drastic but dramatically there is no speed increment in GPRS compared to last prices, one would surely ask – why this price hike then?

We have discusses with more than 10 regular users who use to surf everyday.

We discovered some of the following facts:

1. GPRS is having varying speed from 2 Kbps to 25 Kbps or sometimes more.
2. This speed is generally very low and it decreases when use increases.
3. New revised costs don not include any speed increase.
4. Customer care has very less knowledge about GPRS and they can not solve problem regarding it.

So is there any change in GPRS speed of Airtel will be there ?

If we compare the charges with Gujrat Circle, They are still on Rs20/Day with minimum balance of 25 Rs.

Now consider a regular user have to recharge everyday for 50 Rs. Or keep the similar tempo. Rather than that if we have a broadband connection we easily get very high speed internet with only Rs. 250. So why should one choose GPRS?

Hope GPRS providers  have some plans in the future.

Amol Wagh

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    KrisBelucci June 02, 2009

    Hi, good post. I have been wondering about this issue,so thanks for posting.

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      Amol Wagh June 13, 2009

      Sure , I will always be posting all question in your mind. If you have anything more in mind jus comment here and we’ll post it.


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