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Airtel GPRS for Free – All New Settings

Another flaw  in Airtel GPRS has been introduced so that GPRS can be accessed for free on some airtel GSM SIM cards.

As we know that in last three years many tricks were spread through mobiles, web and blogs to access the GPRS for free. This time again we have found out some settings that can let you use the GPRS for free on Airtel.

Free GPRS Settings As Follows:

1. Go to: Settings >> Configuration

2. Select last option of personal configuration.

3. Select Add New >Then My Web

4. Change the homepage to http://

4. Don’t change the other settings.

5. Come out and choose default configuration settings as ‘ Personal Configuration’

6. Then Go to > Web Settings and choose configuration settings as – Personal Configuration.

Press ‘0’ to see wheather your homepage opens on GPRS.

You dont need to subscribe, GPRS works directly.

These free GPRS settings dont work on every number, but it works almost on 35 % of mobile numbers. So keep trying on different SIM’s you have.

Have fun with these free GPRS settings.

Amol Wagh

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    Raju November 03, 2010

    I have recharged with Rupees 98/- to activate GPRS but Airtel Server is Down, After calling Customer Care you people are Set for Harrashing people & that’s not all……Without Activation you people have deducted my Rupees 67/- i am recharging again & again ….today its third day…but till yet i am not able to surf. My problem is Send the Setting & you have wasted my money so plz refund it.


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