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Airtel Friends Cards: Phased Out or On Temporary Hold?

Airtel was on its high when they launched ‘Airtel Friends’ few years back. Lowest ever call rates within groups with constant 10p balance for any massage was like the cherry on the cake for college guys.

Actually, The Friends SIM Cards was the reason for many to buy a cellphones. Wasn’t it?

Now before some months, Airtel launched its campus cards with some good points and some bad. They are having no grouping limits but works internally only. Have no timings for non-campus cards. Then rumors were there that friends will shut off. But nothing like that happened.

Now, Airtel have included friends in their campus plans and reduced rated between them for early campus cards owners. And stopped the ‘Airtel Friends SIM Cards’ from the market.

Now question that arises in my mind, that will that revolutionary friends card, who actually brought all our friends and loved ones together is getting off the market for all time or it is on temporary hold?

Well, there must be some way that Airtel should tell their consumers on what they are doing. It’s like we have feelings connected with that cards. Didn’t we?

So, why they don’t take any opinion before doing anything from us? Because retailers can only tell that it is stopped now. That’s it. So we need some good media in between.

But thank god, They haven’t shutted off the older Friends Card owners, so with all these things they need to build stronger media, like a blog. Don’t They ?

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