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How to Build Table Lift Using Electric Actuators

Nowadays, people can automate almost everything in their lives. In fact, some updates can make our daily life easier. Moreover, you will not spend much time and efforts to do some actions. Speaking about automated tables, they are able to provide your working place with much comfort. However, automated tables are rather expensive. In order to save your money, you can build your own table lift with the help of linear actuators.

Lift Table for Workplace

In general, many varied jobs require sitting in one place for a long time. It is not very good for your health. Moreover, it can even contribute to different health problems. Sometimes we cannot leave our workplace even for a while. For such cases, there is a special lifting system for tables. You can do your personal lift table by using several components. Of course, there are numerous ideas and schemes for the custom lift table. You can find out everything you need on the Internet or in special stores, shops, etc.

Table Lift Linear Actuator

New technologies do not stand in one place. Every day people create more and more things that can better our life and even make it easier. Speaking about linear actuators, they become more and more widespread throughout the world. You may have heard a lot about smart houses, lifts, automated doors, hidden cabinets, and so on. It is the same thing with lift tables for the workplace. To build such a lift table, you should take a special linear actuator. There are many interesting models for a pleasant price. Basically, it will be better to order your electric linear actuator on the Internet website . They have a wide range of varied linear actuators. Also, they guarantee to provide their customers only with high-quality products.

Build a Lift Table with Actuators

How to make a lifting table

Actually, to make a lifting table is not the hardest thing. You need to take the electric linear actuator and the table lift set. When you buy the table lift set, you can find out the step-by-step instruction that can help you to assemble the model. After the assembling process is finished, you need to place the construction on the underside of the table. As it is a rather heavy, you can ask for a help. Basically, you need to ask a friend of yours to help you to place the construction.

After you place it on the table, you should regulate the breadth of the table lift to match the desktop. You can take the crossbar center rails. However, you need to leave at least 0.5 inches overhang of the desktop breadth over the lift set. If you are sure with the correct position, you can fix the construction with the screws.

Then you need to set the power supply and the remote control on the underside of the desktop. It will be better to use the cable clips to hide the wires. After everything is set and switched, you need to check whether the construction work or not.

One more important thing is that you should know the main characteristics of your lifting table. They are:

The height will be 22 inches – 47.5 inches.

The width will be 42,25 inches – 74 inches.

The desktop will be 43 inches x 24 inches.

The moving speed will be 1.3 inches/second.

The lift will be able to support up to 180LBS.  

Its weight will be 60LBS.

Nowadays, we try to update and automate almost everything. Speaking about the table lift, it can be very useful. If you add some hidden cabinets, you can place there everything you need. Also, when your table will move up/down, it will be better for your health. Basically, to build a table lift is not too hard. You just need to select the right electric linear actuators. Moreover, you need to assemble the whole construction correctly. Then with the help of remote control, you will be able to move it on the certain position you need.