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China Prototype Manufacturing: Everything You Should Know

Due to how expensive it is to produce certain equipment and materials in first world countries like USA and UK most people give up on their ideas. But if only they could persist a little further, they will find the new destination of entrepreneurs all over the world, China.

Chinese prototype manufacturing has bridged the gap that exists between ideas and reality. Every single electronic or machine can be produced in China and at affordable costs and made according to design specifications.

As a newbie who wants to try out having a design prototype made in China, what are the things you must know about Chinese prototype manufacturing?

1. You can verify the company

Contrary to what many people believe about Chinese Prototype manufacturers, it is actually possible to verify the legitimacy of a manufacturer to do business. And this is one of the first things we will advise anyone who wishes to do business with a Chinese company. This is important because if the company is not registered and you do any business with them, you will be in deep trouble if anything should go wrong as the best lawyers may not even be able to help you.

It is important you see a copy of their business license. Ask for it and if for any reason the company finds it difficult to send it across to you, that should be a reason to simply step away. Next, confirm the legal address and operating address. After that, confirm their legal representative’s contact. Finally, get a local bureau to visit the company. Since this may look a bit difficult, it is advisable to use license verification agencies such as China Checkup to handle registration logistics for you. At Wayken rapid prototype manufacturing companies, they understand how important it is to do business with verified agencies so we do our best to ensure a smooth business.

2. Chinese Prototype Manufacturers Can Work with Your Budget

In many countries especially in a country like the US, it is almost impossible to get some type of jobs done because of cost. Many companies in these countries will require you to request for a particular number of units before they can do anything for you. When analyzed, the cost of manufacturing will make it difficult to get profits from selling your product, and that’s if you can afford to pay for the prototype development.

This is very much different in China. Top chinese prototype manufacturers can work with your budget. Though your budget will determine the quality of what you will receive, it is still possible to have a good product made for you. A sizeable budget will certainly give you a high quality product compared to what that budget will give you in first world countries with high costs of manufacturing.

Another remarkable thing you should note is that some top electronic companies in the world like apple have most of their product parts product in China. So Chinese prototype manufacturing companies will not compromise on quality but will certainly work with your budget and specifications.

3. Ability to Replicate Designs

It is remarkable that Chinese Prototype manufacturers can replicate any design you bring to them. Let’s take for an example that you find a product design you admire somewhere, you can actually take the design to Chinese manufacturers and have that design replicated for you. The product must not have been produced in China before manufacturers can replicate it for you. All they need is to see the design, study it, and have it replicated to your delight.

It is also possible to replicate only an aspect of the design and add it to your own design. This is a unique quality that can easily be found in China.

4. Optimum Design Capacity

In order to save cost and ensure a high quality prototype, you need to work with a manufacturer who can produce all parts and also have them assembled in one location. If different parts of the design are made in different parts of China, the manufacturers of each part will certainly add the cost of transporting the parts to the company where the product is assembled to the cost of the parts. While this may seem insignificant, you must recognize that this has the ability of increasing cost of prototype by up to 20%.

Aside that, marking the parts in different locations can also affect product quality as parts which do not fit in correctly while being assembled may be padded to ensure they fit. Inability to handle all aspects of the job in one location can also extend the time needed for production. These rapid manufacturing companies understand how important it is to deliver the best to our clients so we do all things from parts production to assembling in one location.

5. Punctuality

Chinese prototype manufacturers understand how important time is in every job. This understanding is somewhat triggered by the fact that they understand the competition around and how fatal it would be for them to lose a client so they will work to keep you happy.

It is quite rare to have a Chinese prototype manufacturer deliver a job behind time. Right from the day the agreement is sealed and a go-ahead is given to develop the product, prototype manufacturers will work around the clock to have your work ready right on time.

Market cluster holds a lot of power in seeing this work because of how easy it is to purchase materials needed for production from not too distant locations. So when time is of essence to you, having your prototype done in China will be a lifesaving decision.

6. Flexibility and Responsiveness

It will interest you to note that Chinese prototype manufacturing companies are flexible. It is possible to have your design adjusted to accommodate new things you want incorporated.

You can always call, email or have a video conference with your prototype manufacturer. This will help you stay updated with how much has been done with your work and still advise your manufacturer other things he needs to do.

7. Intellectual Property (IP) Protection

You can always protect your IP which will limit the probability of your design being stolen. To ensure this, you can sign a non-disclosure agreement with your prototype manufacturer which among many other advantages, will ensure that he does not replicate your design for himself or for another client.

Due to how delicate this is in prototype manufacturing, such firms ensure that we have a binding non-disclosure agreement legally structured out between us and our clients.

In a nutshell, do you need to have your prototyped developed in China? Well, why not? You’ve known today why you should and things you should do to have the best experience of Chinese manufacturing. Companies like Wayken Rapid Manufacturing are committed to delivering top quality prototypes to our clients for so many years now. Why don’t you talk to us about your work?