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6 Types Of Softwares You Should Use To Effectively Control Online Business

Most of the small businesses struggle a lot in the initial setting up period, especially in controlling the online business. Despite of using many separate smartphone applications and online tools available for business management, I am outlining some types of softwares you should use to manage your business effectively.

1. Help Desk Software

Any business grows its reputation by providing excellent customer support, so why stay behind online ? There are plenty of high-end customer support or help desk software available today which you should implement very first when starting up an online business.

2. Online Training Tool

Setting up training for your employees in a physical architecture is quite tedious, time consuming and costly. Why not set up few video lectures, presentations, forums and interactive learning platforms online? You have to set this up once and let the software worry about training new recruits.

3. Contact Management Tools

No matter in any sort of business you are in to managing contacts manually or excel sheets and minor tools is hard in today’s time. This is why you should use contact management software that is capable of creating and storing information of your clients, leads, sales and so on. Most of these tools comes with huge extra set of functions  that will make your business management more effective.

4. Mind Mapping Applications

Mind mapping applications are built for visually brainstorming new concepts for your business. Most of the online business use such tools for multiple purposes  to effectively manage your business.

5. SMS Tools

Text messaging is not just used for service endorsement these days, You can create polls, events and get your target audience talking using the SMS based tools available right now. SMS even helps you make sure your long-term relationships with your clients. You should seek some quality SMS or Texting tools right now to manage your online business!

6. Social Media Management

This stuff is seriously growing like hell. You have 10s of better social networking sites, social bookmarking sites, web 2.0 properties and so many other tools you don’t even know about yet. And surprisingly, all of them are effective to grow your business in different ways. So you need social media management tools as well to control all your online presence from one place. There are some cool start-ups coming up in this category every month, so look for them too !

No doubt there are hundreds of other tools that you will need which are specific to your online business, But if you are not using these 6 business management software you are either seriously loosing your time and eventually money as well.