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DokyPay Acquires PCI-DSS Certification, Introduces cliQ2pay

DokyPay, a global payment service provider, today announced that it is PCI-DSS certified, the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. PCI Compliance helps companies to secure their systems, protect sensitive data, and build trust with their customers. DokyPay has also launched cliQ2pay in India, an innovative and tailor-made payment solution provider for all kinds of business. DokyPay and cliQ2pay also intend to get the Payment Aggregator license by the end of 2020. 

“For us at DokyPay, maintaining compliance is a top priority, and we are dedicated to the digital security of all the data and information we handle,” said Yang Ming, CEO of DokyPay.

“PCI DSS certification is regarded as the most dependable way to safeguard data and information. Our compliance with the PCI data security standards will help us to build long-lasting and trusting relationships with our customers,” Yang Ming added.


PCI-DSS is the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard. It is a worldwide standard that was set up to help businesses process card payments securely, reduce card fraud, and protect sensitive cardholder data. With PCI compliance, payment gateway builds a safe environment on the merchants’ websites so customers can trust the business. In order to get approved under PCI-DSS, companies have to comply with control objectives like building and maintaining a secure network and a vulnerability management program, implementing strong access control measures, protecting cardholder data, regularly monitoring and testing networks while maintaining information security policy.

DokyPay is a global payment service provider that strives to offer safe, convenient, professional, and simple payment solutions to merchants conducting cross-border business. DokyPay comprises a group of experts who have years of working experience and an in-depth understanding of the payment industry. Operating globally, Dokypay has set up Technology & Operation Centers in Singapore, India, Indonesia, Vietnam, and so on. The company’s aim is to help SMEs accept and process payments to maximize business opportunities and revenue growth. 


DokyPay established Linkyun Technology Private Limited in 2018 and DokyPay Technology Private Limited in 2019. The company’s India operation is handled by the cliQ2pay team working under the company of Spotpay Technology India Private Limited, which is responsible for the research and development of local payment products.

Source: NewsVoir