Best Free Anti Virus Compared – AVG Vs Comodo Vs Avast

With the pirated software dominated market, which are sold by patching up the original softwares, the host for the software not only becomes more vulnerable to different kind of viruses and its relatives, it may even tress-pass your basic security (firewall) and steal your personal information.

An Internet connection increases the chances and degree of damage to be doubled. Virus, trojans, spyware, malware and many kinds of small programs are waiting to steal and/or damage your data.

Here some of the best  free anti-virus programs that you can use to keep such Internet threats away.

AVG free Antivirus 2011:


  • Anti-virus cum anti-spyware with link scanner (scans the link before visiting).
  • Trusted vendor – AVG, since 1991.
  • Regular updates (Usually once a fortnight).
  • 90% viruses and spyware are blocked.


  • Unable to detect/remove certain threats of low intensity.
  • Regular pop-ups for upgrading to paid version.
  • Paid version gets updated regularly but free version doesn’t.
  • Trusted by 110 Million users.


AVG Free Antivirus


Avast Free Antivirus


  • Free to download and comes with latest programming which helps protect your computer without slowing it down.
  • Regular automated updates.
  • Detects and neutralize most of the threats.
  • User-friendly interface with quick scan, deep scan, custom scan and removable disk scan.


  • You need to register online for using it for 365 days within 30 days of installing for using.
  • Small chest – After detecting and neutralizing certain number of threats, it starts giving a disk error, i.e. lack of space to remove harmful section of file, and hence the only possible solution is deleting the complete file.
  • Annoying notifications about the same threat again and again.
  • Not 100% protected.

Avast Free Anti Virus


CODOMO Internet Security

Codomo is a trusted name in computer and internet world for its several products regarding security, management and programming.

Hence, it gives you option of several protective programs for various purposes like e-mailing, e-commerce etc.


  • Variety of products – Antivirus, Internet Security, Pro internet security (paid software, 50$ per year), Codomo Firewall, Wi-fi security, cloud scanner, anti-malware, verification engine, disk encryption etc.
  • All rounded protection for you machine.


  • Each product is isolated. Which means you have to download and use antivirus separately and anti-malware separately.
  • Since downloading and usage is separate, upgrades are also needed to be done separate.
  • Less protective and upgrades as compared to paid version.

Comodo Free Antivirus



Just always keep in mind that every business wants to earn money,So  if they started giving their best products in open source, they’ll go bankrupt. Thus, they keep some special features and more protective layers for the paid version which will provoke someone to pay for the product.

Free softwares are good for home use but still, they aren’t the best.  Now a days, threats not only damages your data, they now even steals your personal data like password and other personal stuff. Therefore, it is necessary to get pro protection against them which is achievable by paying. Thus, pay for painless surfing.

General Tips For Security

  • Do not click on suspicious links, generally seen on social networking sites such as facebook.
  • Avoid downloading pirated softwares and movies (movies also can have spywares – CNN).
  • Keep your antivirus up-to-date against the latest viruses.
  • Scan removable disks – thumb drives, DVDs, CDs, phones and other USB drives as soon as you connect them.

Hope it helps.



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  1. This article is idiotic on COMODO.  COMODO makes its money in other venues.  CIS is free and has a lot of protection not available in the other’s “free” products.

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