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Uverse vs. Cable T.V Features [Comparison]

Uverse T.V. is an innovative evolution in television content delivery for the consumer. ATT’s Uverse has now attained a tremendous membership base throughout certain states within the United States. Compared to Cableuverse vs cable or Satellite T.V it  is extremely superior.

Precisely why is Uverse vastly better than Cable or Satellite you ask? We will review, explore and answer this and all questions you may have about Uverse features and technology and in addition see if Uverse savings in form of a coupon actually exist via the internet.

Let’s review and find all answers to your Uverse questions.

Why is Uverse is Better Than Cable.

1. Record 4 Shoes Simultaneously– Consumers can record multiple (4) programs simultaneously. No other DVR from any Cable or Satellite company can provide this exclusive feature

2. Uverse Media Share – View all your Flickr images on your Television instantly. Also, view your P.C’ photos or movies on your television.

3. Uverse Remote Access – Schedule T.V. recordings remotely via any remote internet connection. You can do this from on any mobile device as well..

4. Uverse Multiview Channels – With Multview channels you can create and view your own personal channel. Watch only what you want when you want.

5. Fast Fiber Optic Content Delivery – All content is delivered via super-fast fiber optic technology.  Uverse programming is delivered via IPTV from the head end to the consumer’s Home DVR or standard set top box.

Without a doubt Uverse is the new standard in television content circulation. By offering incredibly fast content by way of fiber optic technology, excellent customer service and vastly cheaper prices, Cable and Satellite T.V firms tend to be facing a tremendous uphill struggle.

ATT does not offer any form of coupon or promo code for Uverse T.V. on the date of this article. On the other hand, they do offer generous incentives in a form of various cash back offers. Whether you can call it coupon savings, promotions or a direct offer, by bundling Uverse services you can save anywhere form $200-$400 instantly.

To see these all Direct Uverse offers and deals go to Uverse Coupon page now.


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    Naterichmond7 May 18, 2011

    U-Verse customer can record
    up to 4 shows at one time but what is the point when you don’t have a lot of
    storage space and you need to have a receiver in every room. DISH Network DVR
    has the largest hard drive in the industry and three times the storage space as
    the AT&T total home DVR storage. DISH Network has dual tuner receivers and
    DVR’s so you don’t need to have a receiver in every room and don’t have to
    worry about paying to the additional receiver. DISH Network programming
    packages are between $10 and $14 less a month than U-Verses programming
    packages and a co-worker at DISH informed me that DISH Network also offers
    HD free for life so I save an additional $120 a year just with HD programming
    every year.


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