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Tired of Your Regular Jeans? Try WULF!

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WULF Jeans is a licensed brand, designed and manufactured by Shiva Texyarn Limited.

Just when we were becoming a bit tired of the regular jeans, and started looking for some other kind of “fitting” in denim, we discovered the WULF Jeans.

When it comes to jeans, several obvious solutions come to mind – get bigger pants, cut them into denim shorts, try to lose some weight, use them to gauge the direction of the wind, or simply go back to the store and exchange them. Another issue is where ever you go you see plain Jean stuff, same colors, same washes, no heart. Well, it can get frustrating. So a few methods of getting past frustration is to head to a store stacked up with WULF Jeans.

WULF Jeans owned by Shiva Texyarn Limited is available for both men and women. Their flagship products are designer fabrics, Rucksacks / Specialised Military gear including high altitude and adventure clothing. WULF Jeans are now available in all leading stores in major cities in India.

With the ever-changing fashion industry in control, jeans have travelled through many years and styles and here they are: more creative, flashy, and glamorous than ever. Rhinestones, embroidery, and fabric paint may be splashed across these blank canvases in various patterns to add personality and spice, or they may come completely plain. Once found in only one style, jeans today can be found in any shape, size, colour, or style that an outfit might require. The style of jeans one chooses is an explicit expression of personality. WULF jeans gives you just that with a wide range to choose from at an affordable price variant. WULF jeans has a range of sizes. 30 to 38 for Men & 28 to 36 for Women.

WULF Jeans Managing Director Dr. S. K. Sundararaman says, “Unlike a lot of brands, we craft our garments in our own factory, and take total ownership of the entire process, from start to finish. We think this does more than improve just quality.”

It shows that our garments are made with affection, consideration and passion – something that you can really feel when you pull on one of our pieces; they give you a stronger connection to your clothes, and a truer sense of ownership.”

If you are looking to connect with the biggest names in Indian fashion retail, it is an opportunity not to be missed. The brand WULF Jeans is well appreciated by the fashion-forward men and women of India, with amazing array of fashion’s finest in one brand.

WULF the brand makes unique style with comfortable super stretch or regular stretch with different fits & lot of pleasant surprises. Those who always aware of the power of clothes, it’s possible to just throw the old thing on and rush to the door.

Style, quality, and longevity have remained consistent, so it never hurts to have a pair of WULF Jeans stashed in your wardrobe. The well-made jeans has everything in pick-up line under Rs. 2000, truly making it easy to save on fashion.