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Telecom Industry Loses a Quarter of their Employees in Couple of Months

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The recent developments in the business and private sectors have had a major impact on industries of multiple sectors. The Telecom Industry is one such major industry that has had to undergo layoffs due to various reasons such as company mergers and fierce competition. This instability in the market has affected startups as well as multinational companies which have induced anxiety in majority of employees.
According to Director of, Mr. Amit Jain, “It is not that the people are lacking in talent or are not capable of doing anything, but due to being surrounded by negative energy, their success is being hindered. In October most of the calls we have received for job consultation and counselling are from the people of Telecom sector. Out of all job counselling related calls, the ratio of calls from telecom sector increased to 45% from an earlier 20% in the past couple of months.” Amit further added that, this insecurity and hesitation is certain to increase over the next few months as the industry norms are changing rapidly and competition is getting fiercer day by day. In order to save on the cost, the companies naturally get rid of employees, who cost the company around 4-5% of the costs in the telecom sector. It has also been found in a survey conducted amongst a few hundred astrologers that in the past few months queries regarding career counselling and status of job future has almost doubled.
In the past couple of months companies have cut down almost a quarter of their staff, analysing the situation at hand. Being a start-up has received a good response from the people and has provided valuable consultation to those in doubt.
Subhankar Verma (facing job insecurity), who has been working as a Retail Sales Manager for a Multinational Company for five years, was very upset for the last two months as he wasn’t getting the appropriate result of his hard work and had decided to change the city, but after consulting with he found that there was a problem in his horoscope. He was given some Mantra and Tips of Home Peace, and today he has got enough clarity to get back on track and make beneficial decisions.
A very reliable solution to this issue is getting expert inputs from astrologists and counsellors who help you get clarity on life situations and taking the right decision at the right time. The unstable atmosphere can turn out to be dangerous for the career of executive as well as managerial level staff.
It is best to get a second opinion in such an important matter. Our online and offline Astrologer Consultation has given new ways of success to such unemployed who had lost faith on their own.


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