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StallDesk: A Revolution In Your Workday

Ergonomic & eco-friendly, this standing desk is a great health investment at $99

Most people, on an average, work for two thousand hours at a desk in a year. Sitting for long hours can make the spine contort into a question mark; causing back, neck, shoulder and other lifestyle related problems. However, StällDesk, an ergonomically designed standing desk, seeks to make the lives of people better at an affordable price.

Made out of LEEDS-certified appleply, StällDesk is sized just right to fit on a conventional desk so that the laptop or desktop monitor is always at the eye level, whether one is standing or sitting at the desk. With three different shelf heights to choose from, StällDesk makes it a pleasure to work behind a desk without any of the associated discomforts. And, when not in use, this lightweight product can be folded in under a minute to free up the desk space, for easy storage or to carry it around with you.

The ergonomic design of StällDesk is a result of many researches and tests. It has taken into account the natural alignment of the spine and body. It not only improves the posture, but also reduces the strain on the back and neck, and cuts fatigue resulting in better productivity.

StällDesk has also been medically validated. Dr. Michael Charlton, M.D. Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeon, Chairman Orthopaedic Trauma W.H.M.C. says, “This is the best desk adjunct I’ve ever used. Lightweight, mobile and highly functional; it leads to max productivity.”

Unlike other stand-up desks that are cost prohibitive, StällDesk comes at an affordable price of $99 only and is apt for both personal as well as office use. People who have already tried StällDesk are happy with the healthy lifestyle experience it offers and have furnished positive testimonials.
Currently, StällDesk is running a campaign on Kickstarter crowdsourcing platform to raise funds.  StällDesk will be available in the market by the first quarter of 2017. The original price of the product is $199, however, people can buy it at a discounted price of $99 during Kickstarter campaign which ends in the first week of January 2017.

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