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The Rebranding of Seagate Into ‘The Guardian Series’

The giant hard drive manufacturer, Seagate Technologies, has expanded and rebranded its new product line, as The Guardian Series. Founded in 1979, Seagate has captured a large user base because of its product quality and phenomenal services across the globe.

The HDDs which were sold under the name of Barracuda, is now back with its friends, IronWolf and SkyHawk, with all the three meant for different kinds of drive usage.

The new line of products are represented with interesting portfolios to bring out the idea of progressive technology.

Any user’s primary need, when it comes to hard drives, is to find a product that is reliable in terms of security at a pocket-friendly price.

Seagate has always catered to that segment of users and is highly acclaimed for its after-sales services.

However, with the re-launch of BarraCuda and a bigger portfolio, Seagate now has drives that are specifically designed for different kinds of usage, such as, Compute and gaming, NAS & RAID and surveillance. Besides, they all come with, proper data recovery services.

As the data recovery has been a major issue with customers all across the globe, Seagate provides proper services in the same domain unlike

The three verticals BarraCuda, IronWolf and SkyHawk are named with the strategy to help customers remember the products and also make it easy for them to differentiate between their usages.

As said in its vision, “Your data is alive. Every piece of it is invaluable: Your work, your play, your creativity. It needs a Guardian worthy of protecting it. Seagate is proud to do just that, depicting its actual reason for its products and its branding.”

Furthermore, Seagate has given immense importance to the security of the data and made the products keeping in mind all the needs of the consumers.

The HDD giant has launched the series with the intro of the 10TB milestone capacity point and performance/specs; the usage of separate categories and their names ensures massive implication of product lines and their primary usages are:

. make products easier to find
. make products more memorable for global end-users and partners
. provide clarity needed to recommend appropriate products to customers.

The Guardian Series of internal drives are engineered to help you preserve access and maximize the value of your data.


The Barracuda involves drive-based management of various storage media on the disk to improve responsiveness and also provides versatile storage for everything from simple laptops to behemoth gaming rigs.

Seagate’s 2.5” drives deliver the slimmest, highest capacity mobile drives on the market, delivering a sleek 7mm form factor with 2TB of massive storage.

Iron Wolf:

The Iron Wolf series is focused on hard drives for the NAS segment and sets the standard for agile and rugged NAS drives. The integration of a rotational vibration sensor in the high-capacity models makes it one of the interesting things about Iron Wolf.


Skyhawk surveillance drives are tuned to provide incredible reliability and security for video stream and 24×7 operations. The Skyhawk drives come with RV sensors.

With the introduction of The Guardian Series, Seagate aspires to provide a world-class arena of data storage and security.

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