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Play and Win Rs. 5,00,000 Diwali Dangal Rummy Tournament at Adda52Rummy

  • Adda52Rummy offers the perfect ring for a Diwali Dangal (wrestle) with the grand Diwali Dangal Tournament of 5 Lakh Rupees!
  • This is the biggest Diwali Rummy Tournament on the block with the most exciting cash prizes!

‘As explosive as it can get’ seems to be the buzz for Diwali at, the leading online Rummy in India.
Diwali is the time when card games like rummy are in high favour. In fact card games are a tradition in many households on Diwali day, the day of Goddess of wealth. The scenario is not much different on card game sites with people rooting for more and more rummy tournaments for Diwali. plans to fuel this fervor with Online rummy tournaments like the Diwali Dangal Rummy Tournament for Rs. 5,00,000/-!
In fact, the Diwali Indian Rummy Tournament festivities at Adda52rummy aren’t limited to just one but are spread over 2 days.
The first day, 18th of October is devoted to the Exclusive Diwali Special Tournament and the rummy games begin at 3:30PM. The unique feature of this is that the entry fee is a plain and simple one loyalty point! Entry is with one ‘DIWALISPL’ ticket. These have been granted by the site already and eligible players can claim them in the ‘MY ACCOUNT’ section under ‘TOURNEY TICKETS’.
With a cash prize of Rs. 25,000/- this tournament sets the tone for the grand Diwali Dangal Tournament planned for the next day.
The second day, 19th of October is the grand sparkling day, as it is the Grand Diwali Dangal tournament for 5 lakh rupees. Starting at 3:30PM again, the excitement is set to peak just as the fireworks in India glitter. The timing too is in line with the firework frenzy. It is exactly the time when the thrill of the festival starts building up!
This is verily the biggest Diwali tournament online in terms of player base it draws. Site usage numbers reveal that more than ten lakh players have a good time on this site for every festive occasion. Even otherwise, it is needless to mention that is a hub of card game activity!
“On festive occasions, is my undoubted first choice for some brilliant rummy games. I regularly play on and find that this site offers the most thrilling combination of card games and cash prizes. My time is well spent and I get a good return on my efforts. There is nothing like making good money on a good game on a festival day,” avers Ponnusamy, a regular player on this site.
“We are keen on offering what the players seek. We are not into competing but into delighting customers,” says Binand Sethumadhavan, Business Head of “We, in fact, were the first people to offer 13 Card Tournaments and 21 Card Marriage Tournaments in this market. The idea is to keep the arena lively with innovative and latest rummy game offers.”
“Such devotion towards your players can only put you ahead of the race. I have never seen step back when faced with a challenge of giving rummy fans something new,” comments an online reporter.
It is obvious that the Diwali Dangal Rummy tournament is an Indian rummy tournament with the perfect flair on perfect occasion. In the interest of fair play, the site urges players to avoid unfair gameplay to qualify. Mobile verification is required to register in tournament. And instant bonus has been declared as the prize for the promotion.

Even as the festival approaches, the numbers at the registry for the Diwali Dangal Rummy Tournament are increasing by leaps and bounds.

So what if the government bans crackers (in some cities), the fireworks and ‘dhamakas’ at are bound to outshine and thunder around!!  


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