One Of The World’s Largest Metals And Mining Companies Licenses Eka’s Ctrm Software And Commodity Analytics Platform For Planning And Scheduling Of Critical Operations | Digital Conqueror

One Of The World’s Largest Metals And Mining Companies Licenses Eka’s Ctrm Software And Commodity Analytics Platform For Planning And Scheduling Of Critical Operations

Eka’s integrated solution replaces disparate systems and manual processes and exposes performance anomalies for continuous improvement in production planning

Stamford, CT – August 18th, 2016: Eka Software Solutions, the leading global provider of Smart Commodity Management software solutions, announced today that one of the world’s largest metals and mining companies has selected Eka’s CTRM software and commodity analytics solution to integrate with Eka’s execution platform for a seamless production planning process.

The company sought a software solution that would integrate disparate systems and replace a largely manual process to provide an accurate production plan at optimum time intervals. Eka’s solution differs from typical systems in that it is highly integrated to the execution layer providing the scheduling staff with up to the minute feedback on current plan tracking and plant availability. The new software has a variety of inputs including maintenance plans, stock levels, current performance, rail schedules, and ship arrival forecasts and loading sequences. Outputs include detailed task schedules for execution that are dynamically updated in real time.

Eka’s Commodity Analytics solution uses the plan and delivery metrics to provide process performance results that include efficiency and diagnostics as well as scenario based learning. The integrated suite will ensure that optimal execution plans are applied to maximize the plants current capability.

The metals and mining giant was already using Eka’s software for executing production plans and have been impressed with the state-of-the-art 3D stockpile control and material tracking capabilities, which delivered significant throughput improvements. By integrating Eka’s systems for planning and scheduling, the company gains context rich analytics information that will enable it to make the best decisions in operations and maximize throughput.

The company has licensed InSight CM – Site Automation Control and Commodity Analytics Cloud solutions. Site Automation Control provides real-time visibility into operations, productivity, equipment usage, inventory, and maintenance and delay accounting. With Site Automation Control, companies have a clear view of stock on hand and future movements. Commodity Analytics Cloud is an advanced analytics solution that provides apps to measure and diagnose the performance of a plan and to optimize stockyard processes. By identifying deviations from the plan and areas where performance can be improved, operators can make timely corrective actions.

“The integrated site automation control and commodity analytics solution recognizes that production efficiencies are impacted by the scheduling process as much as operational capabilities.” said Peter Stanley, Eka’s Director of supply chain solutions. “Instead of manually gathering disparate data when anomalies occur, the production team will now have the supporting analytics to make continuous improvements to production plans.”

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