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New Technological Inventions In Auto industry

The auto industry is brimming with not just new concept cars with innovative designs but is teeming with new technological inventions that seem to be lifted straight form a science fiction. Some of those advanced car technologies would be available in the showrooms by 2020. Mercedes-Benz is already showing off it is fully autonomous F015 Luxury model while Hyundai, Buick, and Chevrolet are all set to showcase advanced features in their concepts. Google Driverless Cars are already grabbing attention. The fully functional driverless cars are already being tested on public roads.

Proponents of self-driving cars believe that the world would be a much safer place, with the computers on the wheels instead of the human. The latest prototype of the Driverless Cars carried all the essential elements like steering, headlights, and brakes. The self-driving system comes complete with sensors and computers. This new technology promises a breakthrough in tough traffic conditions. The sensing technology also helps in increasing the road safety. Countries such as the US and UK are already working on laws related to the self-driving cars.

The major assumption about self-driving cars us that everything on them is autonomous. However, the Society of Automotive Engineers presets a six-level categorization scheme for the driverless cars such as level zero, one, two, three, four and so on. At level zero, we have the Driver Only can and it is the one which you drive yourself. At Level One, there is assisted drive and thee cars come with anti-lock brakes and cruise-controls. Next is the Level Two, which carries partial automation. In these cars, the driver still has to monitor the system while the car is self-driving the highway.

Level Three is Conditional Automation, where the driver does not need to monitor the system all the time. However, when needed, he can quickly resume the control. Level Four stands for High Automation, where the car drives you around, and there is no need for a human operator. Full Automation can be enjoyed at Level Five, where the system will cope with all the situations during the whole journey. The autonomous car is capable of adapting its speed and can handle enhanced cornering while maintaining a safe stopping distance

Smart tyres are being designed for the smarter cars. The autonomous driving cars generation is far advanced in terms of technology and safety. Goodyear Eagle-360 has come up with the most advanced tyres, which are spherical-shaped. The unusual profile of the Winter tyres allows the car to move in all directions, especially when maneuvering through tight urban environments. The irregular tread design is meant for added protection and improved performance.

The futuristic concept incorporates sensors in these tyres that communicate road and weather conditions. An advanced tire-pressure monitoring takes care of the wear and tear and thus extends the longevity of the tyres. Supercruise control are some of the more realistic concepts for the tyre for these self-driving vehicles. Implementing a magnetic levitation system is perhaps the most futuristic aspect for these tyres. The occupants of the automated cars can look forward to the smooth and quiet ride, like driving on a ball of air!

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