NEFIN collaborates with St. Paul’s College on Solar Energy Projects with a mission to create a sustainable future through educating students

 – 17 June 2020 – Leading bespoke solar developer and asset management company NEFIN
Solar Asset Limited (“NEFIN”)
, a member of the NEFIN Group, has formed a strategic rooftop
solar partnership with St. Paul’s
, one of the oldest school in Hong Kong which always
keeps young at heart. Under the Feed-in Tariff (FiT) Scheme supported by
the HKSAR Government, NEFIN has successfully installed solar photovoltaic (PV)
panels on SPC’s rooftop for the generation of solar energy and reduce carbon
footprint in May. An array of student-driven programmes on STEM education,
green energy, solar panel design, global classroom, internships and mentorship
will be organised for students of different levels with the ultimate aim to
create a sustainable future through education.

On 12 June, NEFIN and SPC
launched the first phase of the solar energy collaboration project in the
presence of alumni, students and staff. This pilot solar energy project is sponsored
by a group of devoted SPC alumni who are always keen to support their alma
mater. The official completion ceremony is also an initial step towards meeting
the shared vision – “Education plays a crucial role in raising awareness of
environmental challenges, and shaping the attitudes and behaviours of students
can make a difference,” the Vice Principal, Mr. Wong said, “Our
curriculum needs to equip students with the skills and values needed for a
sustainable and productive future. Students should learn to trade off
short-term gains for long-term sustainability such as reducing the consumption
of plastic bottles, paper and energy. Making these choices requires critical
thinkers who can connect their daily decisions to long-term consequences, not
just for themselves, but for the society. Our school must play a role in
preparing students for this challenge.”

The solar PV panels will collectively generate 10,400kWh of
clean energy per year, off-setting approximately 8,400kg of carbon emissions

“SPC is the first educational institution in
Hong Kong to have a joint development with NEFIN. We are very honoured and
excited to be part of this landmark solar PV project where we achieved both
environmental contributions and academic credits. We hope this collaboration
will serve as an inspiration to other schools across the city and lead to more
solar energy initiatives among schools in Hong Kong'” said Mr Glenn Lim, CEO
. “Solar energy is considered one of the most preferred and
reliable renewable energy options due to its silent operation, ease of
maintenance and very minimal or no environmental impact.”

“Despite the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic, NEFIN has completed some
remarkable PV projects around Asia. Institutions
that have actively participated in embracing sustainability and take positive steps to achieve carbon
neutrality include but not limited
to, LF Logistics in Hong Kong and Bosch Automotive in Nanjing. The continued
CSR commitment towards green energy and the fight against climate change
is encouraging and NEFIN is proud to
be a committed and strong partner for such efforts.” added Mr Lim.

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