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MyDream Interactive’s Free VR Toolbox Demo Is Now Available

SAN JOSE, CA [SVVR] — March 28, 2017 —  MyDream Interactive announced today, that VR Toolbox, the only commercially available 360 desktop solution developed for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, is now available as a FREE Demo. Designed for both productivity and entertainment, VR Toolbox allows the VR enthusiast to run desktop applications, games and enjoy all formats of videos. The solution is available for Windows 8 and Windows 10.

VR Toolbox offers a VR ‘mission control,’ enabling users to personalize their rooms with their own 3D art. From the debris of the cosmos, to an art deco theater, users are free to create their own environment and enjoy movies, 360 videos, gaming, live streaming, social media, as well as any desktop productivity app they would normally run on their PC. Desktop productivity is possible due to a special safety feature called “Blended Reality,” which allows the users to see their hands and feet in VR.

VR Toolbox is a collaboration of MyDream Interactive and a seasoned group of passionate graphics and VR developers: Rouslan Dimitrov and Scott Cutler.

“We care about making Virtual Reality useful, fun and safe for our customers,”  said Allison Huynh, CEO at MyDream Interactive. “We set out to create a set of tools to enhance the capabilities of the modern HMD, beyond gaming, for our own needs.  We hope others will find our tools useful as well.”

The demo version is free and offers the complete VR Toolbox experience except for the watermark. VR Toolbox is available for $13.99 on the Steam Store.

VR Toolbox functionalities:

  • 360 Desktop: infinite real estate for social media, YouTube and Twitch live streaming

  • Custom VR web browser that unleashes the content of the Internet

  • Playback and streaming of 4K 360 videos

  • Personalize your virtual environment

  • Blended Reality

  • Runs any desktop application or games

  • Maps mouse look of First Person game to gaze look on the HMD

For a full list of features, please visit:

Pricing and availability

VR Toolbox is available for $13.99 in North America, Europe and throughout the world, except for China. The watermarked demo is available immediately on Steam.

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