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Millennials Made 83 Percent Leaders Change Their Leadership Style: TimesJobs Survey

In an age when hierarchical organisational structures are fading away and flat management system is taking on, more than 83% leaders have improvised their leading style to suit the Millennials. Even then, almost 31% leaders face a challenge delegating responsibility to their existing workforce.

A new survey from TimesJobs indicates more trends, including:

  • More than 42% of India Inc. says that the leadership style has become a collective process now
  • Surprisingly, almost 55% of survey respondents said that the dynastic leadership style is still viable in present times
  • As per 46% employees, innovative and creative leadership styles is the latest trend at present
  • Nearly 39% respondent believe that the new-age leaders are popular because they support flexibility and work-life balance

The rise of multinational companies and startups has helped in creating a dynamic and competitive work culture. Throughout this transition, the leadership styles have improved by inculcating traits such as flexibility. TimesJobs asked employers about the changing leadership styles, keeping the contemporary generation in mind.

More than 83% of them said that the leadership styles have changed over time and only a minor 17% did not think the same. Although the leadership styles have evolved with time, as per 31% of employers, the delegation of responsibility among the millennials was a challenge. For 28% of leaders, it’s the communication gap that makes managing difficult. Nearly 22% of respondents said that the motivation was a huge challenge and approximately 19% revealed that building trust with the new gen is one of the major problems.
Veterans v/s the new-age leaders

The startup ventures and multinational companies have created a new horizon of new-age leadership styles. About 70% surveyed employees said that the young leaders and more popular than the veteran ones. Among those who voted for young leaders, about 39% employees said that flexibility was the reason for their popularity. Another 24% said that youngsters are preferred because the young leaders are more agile and easily approachable. According to 18% responders, the new-age leaders empower and have the prowess to transform, whereas, according to 12% they are better in terms of the communication quotient.

New age leading style and the road ahead
The new-age leaders are breaking the taboos of following a legacy of conventional leadership. TimesJobs asked the leaders about their future. About 38% of leaders visualised themselves as mentors. Almost 34% perceive themselves starting a new venture and nearly 7% see themselves spending time with the family.

“Leadership is no longer about governing but creating an impact on the people you work with. It demands more creativity than authority; more passion for work than just position and more teamwork rather than self-centric decision making. The Indian corporate market is shining due to the strategies which were made going out of the box. We hope to sparkle across the globe and set some outstanding leadership examples”, said Ramathreya Krishnamurthi, Business Head, TimesJobs & TechGig.

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