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POKKT Becomes One of the World’s First Ad Tech Companies to Complete the Open Measurement Integration Validation Certification From the IAB Tech Lab

Business Wire IndiaIn a landmark development which further strengthens its domain leadership position, POKKT, India’s and SEA’s leading smartphone advertising platform for mobile games, has completed the Open Measurement Integration Validation Certification with the IAB Technology Laboratory. The integration will enable POKKT’s demand partners to seamlessly track ad viewability and performance across multiple vendors such as comScore, DoubleVerify, Google’s Active View, Integral Ad Science (IAS), Oracle’s Moat, and Pandora etc. With the move, POKKT has also become one of the world’s first ad tech companies to complete the certification.

Released by the IAB Tech Lab in April 2018, the Open Measurement Software Development Kit (OM SDK) is a set of tools designed to facilitate seamless third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads served in mobile app environments. The solution eliminates the need to integrate with multiple ad verification SDKs from various service providers by providing a single, consolidated interface with which to measure ad performance across the entire value chain.

Speaking on the announcement, Manish Tewari, Co-Founder & CTO, POKKT, said, “Since its launch, POKKT has been delivering transparent, trustworthy, and consistent in-app advertising solutions to brands across the globe. Our latest certification is geared towards the same end-goal. Having integrated with the IAB’s OM SDK, we can now provide more seamless third-party viewability and verification measurement for ads delivered through our platform. This integration will also help us to scale in-app measurement and consolidate fragmented inventory, as well as to increase confidence and flexibility for ad buyers on the POKKT platform.”

A pioneering presence in the digital advertising domain, POKKT has been redefining the mobile advertisement landscape with its full-stack programmatic platform and its wide range of innovative in-app advertising solutions. The platform leverages its extensive data intelligence and smart targeting capabilities to drive superlative ad performance and RoI for its partner brands. POKKT has won several major awards and accolades as a result of this differentiated approach, including the Gold and Bronze awards for ‘Mobile Advertising Excellence in Native Advertising’ at the Mobexx Awards 2017.