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Indix Announces Broad Availability of Its AI-Based Product Prediction Services

Business Wire India

Indix, the world’s leading product AI company, announced the broad availability of its AI-based prediction services for product categorization, brand identification, standardized attribute extraction and product clustering. With Indix’s prediction services, companies will now have the power to process millions of product records in minutes, using AI, without any humans in the loop.


Using Indix prediction services, ecommerce marketplaces can clean and verify seller content and augment product listing attributes. Etailers can clean and verify existing content and accelerate SKU onboarding. Adtech companies can standardize advertiser catalogs, enhance ad relevance and power dynamic ads. Affiliates and Publishers can automate catalog management and power product search. Market Research and Analytics companies can identify and classify products using just the limited information on electronic receipts.


“From the very beginning we invested in AI and ML because there was no other way to handle the amount of product information that we were processing every day,” said Sanjay Parthasarathy, founder and CEO of Indix Corporation. “As a result, we have built a completely automated product information platform that learns continuously.”


Indix has used all four prediction services along with its search ranking and relevance to power the recently released Samsung Mall, to enable consumers to discover and buy products across multiple online shopping sites in India using Samsung smartphones’ cameras, microphones and key inputs.


“We have over two billion product offers on our platform and we built AI-based services to automate our own catalog management,” said Sri Velamoor, VP of Sales and Business Development at Indix. “Over time, our algorithms have leveraged these billions of data points to learn a normalized taxonomy and schema and compile a brand dictionary, all of which helped standardize our catalog. Indix is excited to offer these prediction services and metadata to companies that want to improve their product catalogs or structure their product information.”


Indix’s AI-based prediction services, combined with metadata and product content, helps companies automate and accelerate their vision for next generation shopping, advertising, IoT and analytics.


About Indix: Indix is the world’s leading products AI company that is built on the world’s largest corpus of structured product content and metadata. Using the Indix platform, businesses can unlock more value from product information to improve product search and discovery, automate catalog management, optimize promotions and offers, enrich product pages, and analyze the market and competitors. The company has offices in Seattle, Chennai and Hyderabad. For more information, please visit