Ingenico’s new SCA Accelerator Suite speeds up compliance

The new authentication suite helps online businesses improve their performance and streamline the implementation of SCA

AMSTERDAM, NETHERLANDS – Media OutReach – 2 June 2020 – Ingenico Group (Euronext: FR0000125346 –
ING), the global leader in seamless payments, today unveils its SCA accelerator suite to help online businesses remain compliant,
innovate and better control their data. The suite will bring all of Ingenico
ePayments’ expertise together to help online businesses improve their
performance and facilitate the implementation of Strong Customer Authentication
(SCA), due on 31 December 2020.

The SCA Accelerator Suite from Ingenico utilizes the latest versions
of 3D Secure, ensures businesses are compliant with The EU Second Payment
Services Directive (PSD2), offers authentication
routing, ensures the appropriate data collection and streamlines mobile UX.
Ingenico’s new suite offers advanced PSD2 features including:

  • Automatic Step-Up: when issuers require SCA to authorize, transactions will be
    submitted through 3D Secure and then resubmitted for authorization without any
    impact on the merchant.
  • Automatic Fallback: if 3DS v2 is not available
    (technical failure, not supported), a transaction will automatically be
    resubmitted to an earlier version.
  • SmartComply: makes sure online businesses perform 3D Secure when they are
    required to do so and analyses transactions to determine if they are covered by
    the scope of PSD2. It determines if SCA is required or should be skipped.
  • AutoExempt: automatically selects and uses the best exemptions (e.g.
    whitelisting or low transaction value) depending on the nature of the
    transaction being processed and issuer/acquirer performance.

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Ingenico ensures PSD2 compliance with a suite of SCA-solutions that are built
to effectively manage transactions on behalf of its customers. Previously,
there has been a lot of discussion around what is ‘required’ and is needed to
‘comply’ with PSD2. However, PSD2 is an opportunity for online businesses to
innovate, and better control the data that drives their operations. Ingenico
developed this new offering to help online businesses by reducing the risk of
credit card fraud, increasing conversion rates, and shifting liability back to
the issuer.

Simone van Schaik, VP Product
at Ingenico ePayments:
worked hard so our customers don’t have to. Our SCA Accelerator Suite is built
to handle PSD2-compliant processes on behalf of the customer. My message to all
online businesses is that it’s time to make PSD2 work for you

The period of adjustment to comply with PSD2 runs until the end of
the year. Ingenico recommends online businesses to take this opportunity to
monitor the performance of 3DS v2.1 and 2.2 by testing the latest version to
ensure they gain a better understanding of how and where improvements can be

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Ingenico’s SCA Accelerator Suite, please visit:

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