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Indian Techies Fight Blue Light by Zebriana Computer Glasses

The sky appears blue because the blue portion of the natural light scatters the most. Man-made light also functions similarly but exposure to such light from a close range may harm your vision. Artificial blue light which is emitted from digital screens can speed up the permanent blindness in computer users says a recent scientific study. Moreover digital eye strain & headache due to excessive use of computer & mobile phones has become a rising cause of worry. Many top research institutions including National Institute of Health (NIH) and University of Toledo (UT) that conduct scientific research, have been constantly raising alarm about the ill-effects of harmful blue light on eyes.
Zebriana® is a brand that dedicatedly deals in blue light blocking computer glasses. The e-commerce firm headquartered at New Delhi, has been offering these special ophthalmic products to techies & computer users for the past several years through online platform.
“Blue light is penetrative & intense due to its short wavelength and high frequency. This is so fierce that it reaches back of the eyes and causes problem. It has been found in a scientific research that blue light of computer & mobile phone screen, transforms the vital molecules of the eyes into cell killers. Such toxic consequences cannot be reverted but only prevented by wearing protective ocular shields like Zebriana®. We are fully engaged in research related to the blue light and provide state of the art protective computer glasses online. It feels a great pleasure to announce that Zebriana® has become a rapidly growing brand of ophthalmic products which offers high usage computer eyeglasses in India. IT professionals & basic computer users find our products very useful to combat against various symptoms of Computer vision syndrome & Digital Eye Strain,” said Mr. S Bhasker, co-founder of the firm.
The products can be ordered from company’s official website
Apparently, most of the e-tailer websites & local opticians sell just simple anti glare glasses in the name of computer eyeglasses that merely helps in alleviating the digital eye strain. On the other hand, Zebriana® provides unique type of computer glasses with 2 types of lenses i.e. Amber Lens and Clear Lens. Amber lenses are the colored ones and most demanded by IT professionals & basic users, due to their ability to provide quick relief in digital eye strain. Various NCBI reports have concluded that this lens type significantly blocks the blue light and also improves sleep at night. However, Clear lenses are colorless and preferred by those who execute color sensitive work on computer. Both lens types block a significant eye defense against the high intensity blue light. Eye care is a sensitive health matter and this is the reason raw lenses used in Zebriana® blue light blocking computer glasses are manufactured & tested in accordance to FDA guidelines.
We assume that roughly 90% of India’s ophthalmic market of unbranded products is full of low quality material that looks like a toy. On the other hand, frame body of branded Zebriana® eye glasses is made up of either high quality acetate material or strong metal alloy or both. Once the online order is placed on Zebriana’s official website, it usually takes 1 business day in processing/quality check and up to 3 business days approx in transit. Even in rural or village areas, most of the times our reputed courier partners deliver the product within 3 to 7 days,” Mr. Bhasker added further.
Needless to mention that India is a country that exports tech services to the world and generates a huge number of IT professionals every year. It will be interesting to see the effect on e-commerce companies like Zebriana® that provides computer glasses in India. Moreover, the Digital India campaign launched in the leadership of current Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi, cheaper internet plans and rising internet user-base of the country may pan out as a growth driver for the business. Currently, the firm is self-funded but may look for external accruals in future in order to reach the last digital technology user of the country.