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HashedIn Ranked as One of India’s Top 50 Best Workplaces in the IT and IT-BPM Industry

HashedIn has been recognized this year as one of India’s top 50 best workplaces in the IT and IT-BPM industry by Forbes magazine and the Great Place To Work Institute. Great Place To Work is a global research and consulting firm that helps organizations, worldwide to build high-performance, high-trust work cultures. In the 2018 Top 50 Best Workplaces list, companies from across the country were evaluated on the basis of people and workplace practices. HashedIn Technologies has earned the recognition as a top workplace based on the independent assessment done by Great Place To Work.
Founded in 2010 as a cloud-native company, HashedIn has grown today into a deep tech company that provides end-to-end product development services. Headquartered in Bangalore, the company helps global clients build, scale and manage Intelligent SaaS products and platforms.
With 250+ employees, HashedIn is one of the fastest growing SaaS companies in the market. The company has a diverse portfolio of clients that include enterprises, unicorns, and startups like Mahindra, Honeywell, Aruba, Intuit, NetApp and Myntra.
A Culture of Innovation
As a product development service company, HashedIn invests heavily on employee training and innovation. The company has created 125+ successful SaaS products for clients including their own SaaS products like and
“Innovation is critical for a product ecosystem. If you want to innovate, you have to invest in people. Hashers or our employees are the driving force behind our success. They are the true ambassadors of our innovation-driven culture,” says Himanshu Varshney, CEO HashedIn Technologies. He adds, “As we grow, we will continue to focus on talent development and strive to be a great workplace that nurtures innovation.”
As an employee and customer-centric organization, the company believes in the concept of taking up ownership and accountability for building great products. Hashers are driven by the company’s core values to Act as an Owner, learn, grow and support teamwork. The flexible and innovation-driven culture provides ample opportunities for recruits to learn new skills and take ownership of projects they are passionate about. 
What Makes HashedIn A Great Place To Work
With a plethora of activities like hackathons, training sessions, and fun activities, the company encourages individual team members to learn, collaborate, and drive internal innovation. Curiosity, creativity, and courage are encouraged and rewarded. Everyone who joins gets the flexibility and opportunity to thrive. There is a 24/7 gym and games room for employees to unwind. There are closed kiosks for those who prefer to work in silence. There are no walls dividing the leaders and the team. Interactions between people are encouraged at all levels of the organization.
The Senior HR at HashedIn Technologies, Thanmayi Devaladakere says, “As a company, we are always on the lookout for new opportunities to foster a positive and welcoming work environment. From creative onboarding activities to regular alumni meets, we plan and invest heavily in employee engagement and development initiatives. We set up opportunities for our people to interact with their colleagues, boost their knowledge, and work on technologies that excite them the most.”
Here are some of the progressive work culture practices that sets HashedIn apart from other IT and IT-BPM companies:

  • Hiring and Onboarding: HashedIn believes in cultivating a good relationship with employees right from the hiring and onboarding process. Every new recruit is assigned a buddy on their first day at the job with cool freebies like matching T-shirts. Induction sessions include fun treasure hunts and games. Newcomers get to interact with the CEO of the company on their very first day.


  • HashedIn University: Inspired by HBR, the company runs HashedIn University, an intensive training program for fresh engineering graduates. Recruits hired from campus join the 2-month long training program at HashedIn University. Interns are encouraged to learn new technologies by building products from scratch. These initiatives drive the innovation energy at HashedIn and enable them to launch game-changing technologies. The employee-centric strategy gives the company a competitive advantage.


  • Flexible Working Hours: HashedIn gives their employees the freedom and flexibility to choose their work timings. Employees have the option to work from home and adjust timings to accommodate both professional and personal pursuits. This is especially appealing to women employees who count for over 30% of HashedIn’s workforce.


  • Rewards and Fun Activities: The company has an open and transparent work culture that focuses on nurturing the shared values. The company conducts regular interactive sessions like all hands session, ‘Chai with CEO’, Open House and cultural events. Apart from perks like healthcare benefits, free food, and flexibility, the company also offers a variety of fun activities like team outings, CSR sessions, Zumba classes, potluck, and games.

HashedIn wants to continue the focus on providing their employees with a positive work environment that respects and supports both professional and personal development. In the end, an organization’s success depends greatly on a work culture that supports work-life balance and nurtures a startup like passion to innovate and build impactful solutions.

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HashedIn is an IT services and consulting company that builds intelligent SaaS solutions. With nearly a decade of SaaS expertise, HashedIn has built robust solutions for 100+ clients worldwide, including companies like Honeywell, NetApp, WinZip (a Corel Company), and Aruba. Learn about Intelligent SaaS Solutions, visit:
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