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Gigabyte’s Show Stage At GAMESCOM 2016

Cologne, Germany – August 17 th 2016 – GAMESCOM, the biggest consumer gaming trade fair in the world, opens on August 17, and is set to break 350,000 in attendance this year. As a leader and persistent innovator in PC hardware solution, the renowned tech brand GIGABYTE will be connecting with gamers and showcasing a collection of next-gen graphics solutions and gaming hardware, and most importantly, sharing a heck of an extraordinary experience at the fair.


Not only is the booth designed to bask attendees in a gaming environment, but also are there many activities readied for everyone to participate in this carnival of an event. A main stage will be the host of various booth events including 3v3 games, talent shootouts, celebrity challenges, live coaching, product show and tell, and plenty of prizes in the forms of giveaway, raffle, and reward.

Gamers can also have numerous in-person experiences with one-click overclock desktop PCs and laptops in customizable full spectrum RGB, showing the true colors of their attitude and character, and on-set VR simulators in ultra-setting made possible with VR ready next-gen Pascal GPU that delivers 3X the performance of previous-generation. In addition, gamers can take part in laptops 5v5 challenges or laptop-pc face off event using GIGABYTE’s premium laptop line – AORUS, to experience the pinnacle of mobile gaming that’s not just VR ready, but also with award-winning design and future-proof performance on par with desktop machines.


At GIGABYTE’s booth in Hall 5 of Koelnmesse, a full spectrum of latest PC gaming hardware will be on display at the venue. From GIGABYTE’s most prominent motherboards in Z170X and X99 Ultra Gaming to exceedingly-anticipated graphics cards in GTX 1080 Xtreme Gaming ,these top-notch products are to deliver the ultimate performance and exemplify PC’s capability of bringing gamers unlimited delights in their virtual realms. The latest gaming laptops from GIGABYTE will also be available for gamers to have hands-on sessions at the booth. An inspiring lineup of P55Wv6, P37Xv6, and P35Xv6 is highlighted with AERO14, a super slim and light, powerful and durable Ultrabook. The prestigious AORUS will present X7W, X5X, and X3 Plus to GIGABYTE’s booth lineup, and these best of the best gaming laptops will illustrate many of the world’s most impressive specifications and leave attendees in awe. A PC gaming lineup wouldn’t be complete without peripherals and accessories. XM300 gaming mouse , XK700 and K85 gaming keyboard, and FORCE H3 and XH300 headsets are going to dazzle the crowd with their stylish gaming ambience, and amplify GIGABYTE’s presence at the fair.

Everyone’s welcomed

An array of on-site and off-site events will be held during the days of GAMESCOM from August 17-21, and approximately 10,000 prizes will be given out to the lucky partakers during the period. The fair is open to everyone from 18th – 21st, and GIGABYTE will be ready to party it up with everyone in Hall 5.


Thursday August 18 10:00am – 20:00pm
Friday August 19 10:00am – 20:00pm
Saturday August 20 9:00am – 20:00pm
Sunday August 21 9:00am – 18:00pm

Keep an eye on GIGABYTE’s official pages for more information leading up to the event.


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