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Fitastik & Global Healthreach Enter Into A Strategic Partnership To Provide A Comprehensive Corporate Wellness Program

Users to get access to approximately 53000+ specialized and globally recognized doctors from Best Doctors (USA) along with medical record keeping, health risk assessments and health analytics services from Fitastik

To create a successful wellness program, improve employee participation and increase company productivity, Fitastik, a technology company for healthcare management has tied-up with Global HealthReach, strategic partner of Best Doctors in India, the world’s oldest and most reputed second medical opinion provider. The partnership will create a comprehensive corporate health&wellness program as a one-stop solution for the entire range of healthcare management services. Users can thus avail easy access to consultation with more than 53000 internationally recognized doctors for second opinion from Best Doctors – InterConsultation for expert opinion & treatment planning advice; Doc-on-Line – online answers from experts, digitization of medical records, health risk assessments, relevant content on better health management and health analytics, among others.

In India, a report titled Working towards Wellness – an Indian perspective by Price Waterhouse Coopers reveals that two percent of a corporation’s capital spent on the workforce is lost due to disability, absenteeism and under performance. The study also states that India’s loss in terms of losing potentially productive years due to deaths from cardiovascular diseases in people aged between 35-64 years is one of the highest in the world. By 2030, the loss is expected to rise to 17.9 million years which is 940% more than the loss estimated in the USA. Thus, many companies are using the services of several leading experts for the initiation and management of workplace wellness programs. In doing so, employers can enhance the productivity of the workforce, reduce the growing burden of healthcare costs, make the workplace more attractive and build a better and more healthy global community.

Explaining the need for a comprehensive corporate wellness program, Sanjay Lakhotia, Founder and Director, Fitastik, highlighted a recent report that mentions 11-30% average productivity loss stems from employees’ concern over personal issues.
Talking about the tie-up between Fitastik and Global HealthReach, Sanjay said, “Both the companies complement each other in terms of their product offering and target audience. The combined product caters to the need that the customer is increasingly looking for.” He further added that the effort is to create a comprehensive health management solution with best in class partnership as medical records give insight into one’s health and second medical opinion provides the access to manage one’s health issues in moments of crisis.

Vikram Anand, Founder & CEO, Global HealthReach, said, “Being a comprehensive one stop solution will help customers tremendously, as currently in India, various organizations provide different services and customers need to switch between different providers to avail them. The tie-up also helps both companies aggressively seize the opportunity in the marketplace.”

Rising income and insurance facilities in India along with greater awareness of personal health and hygiene, over the years, has led to a considerable rise in demand for high-quality healthcare facilities and significant increase in expenditure on healthcare. Per capita healthcare expenditure is estimated to have grown at a CAGR of 15.4% during 2008–15 to USD88.7 by 2015. The Indian healthcare sector, one of the fastest growing industries is expected to advance at a CAGR of 17% till 2020 to reach USD280 Billion. An interesting aspect to be noted is that currently, about 50% of spending on in-patient beds is for lifestyle diseases, increasing the demand for specialized care, preventive healthcare services, and second medical opinion.

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