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Embedded Safety and Security Summit 2015 Addresses Key Safety And Security Practices Across Industries

LDRA Technology Pvt. Ltd., a global provider of software analysis, test and requirements traceability tools for both public and private sectors, together with its partners, hosted the Embedded Safety and Security Summit (ESSS) 2015 today at the NIMHANS Convention Centre, Bengaluru. The summit offered opinions from government representatives, industry leaders, aviation and defense representatives on the issues and opportunities relating to efforts to boost safety and security practices in the domestic market in relation to production and manufacturing capabilities. The summit also chalked out a concrete action plan to address India’s Safety and Security issues through its ‘Certification Ecosystem Development Program’ (CEDP).

The summit opened with a discussion on “Inspiring Safe and Secure Designs”. Veteran speakers from the industry expressed their views and highlighted the need for an internationally acceptable, systems driven, automated process of Aircraft Certification Management. The process of Systems Safety Assessment plays a major role in overall safety enforcement and hence the consensus was that before implementing complex electronic systems into our defence and critical sectors it was first important to consider the security implications.LDRAIan Hennell, US Operations Director, LDRA – USA, added, “A world-class embedded safety and security system is the ‘need of the hour’ for Indian companies. This will enable them to recognize and offer compelling solutions on the growth prospects of the embedded safety and security systems in India. It is important for the companies to meet the applicable global regulatory guidelines such that they can then tap into the wider international aerospace markets. ’Make in India’ is a great initiative by the Government of India. This will definitely create immense opportunities for Indian companies to showcase their design and manufacturing capabilities on a global platform.”

Adding to ESSS 2015, Shinto Joseph, Operations and Sales Director, LDRA India, said, “This year ESSS has a larger initiative with the introduction of – CEDP, launched by LDRA and its industry partners. ESSS 2015 has received an overwhelming response, with more than 700 delegates participating in the summit. Enthusiasm among the participants further displayed the need and scope of an international embedded system in India. We have already made headway with the introduction of CEDP, together with premier industry bodies IESA and SIATI. The regulatory, research and development and the academic communities can work to further strengthen their position within the value chain by collaborating with the government’s ‘Make in India’ initiative and practicing rigid security and safety policies.”

CEDP through the ESSS conference website www.embedded-safety-security.com will further encourage partners and global audiences to exchange their opinions and views on a common platform.

In addition, CEDP comprises several other components such as the LDRA Academic Alliance Program(LAAP) in which LDRA will work with leading Indian universities to build a curriculum aimed at educating engineering students and building a competitive and experienced workforce. This is coupled with LDRA’s Competency Centre (LCC) which will serve as a world-class training center for safety and security practices. Under the wing of Safety and Security Practice, LDRA will launch an advisory service, aimed at helping companies to adapt to world-class practices. The summit also featured eminent speakers from the Indian Navy, Nuclear Power Corporation of India, IBM,  Dell, Texas Instruments, Test and Verification Solutions Limited, ANSYS-Esterel Technologies, Advanced Systems Laboratory (ASL), Green Hills Software, SIR Fourth Paradigm Institute (CSIT- 4PI), and NAL. The discussion focused on the ways industry players are practicing to upscale their manufacturing and design capabilities.

There is a significant growth opportunity for Indian companies to enter international markets. The embedded system market is projected to triple in size to about $14.4 billion in 2015 from $4.95 billion in 2009. In particular with the recent news that the Government of India has opened up the defense sector for private investment by raising the cap on foreign direct investment to 49%.Globally also the size of the market was valued at USD 121 billion in 2011, and this is expected to reach USD 194.27 billion by 2018, growing at a CAGR of 6.8% from 2012 to 2018.

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