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Craft Driven MR Associates with to Introduce a Report on Career Counselling

Craft Driven Market Research associated with to launch a report on career counselling in order to emphasise the concept and create an awareness towards positive impact that career counselling can bring. In the education sector, career guidance, career awareness, college readiness and career counselling are being considered as the most important topics that can impact the way a student learns. However, even after hundreds of debates, discussions and seminars on the topic, we are yet to reach a state where career counselling is well structured and practised thoroughly in every education institute. Instead, the education system has become more complicated and new challenges have emerged for the students, parents and teachers – mental anxiety, stress, depression and financial problems for receiving the quality education.

At this time, it is important to understand what the education system is lacking and what the gaps are. As has been studied over, career counselling is an answer to the gap that has become so wide. Career counselling which is mostly considered to be taken in addition to education is required to be honoured as an essential element of school curriculum which may continue till later stages in the life of an individual.

To bring notice to the concerned dignitaries, Craft Driven and launched this report which is a clear outlook of career counselling across the globe. According to the report, career counselling though started as an aid to job finding, is now used in guiding the students and professionals alike across the world. Contrary to widespread belief, career counselling is a scientific process that helps in finding strengths and weaknesses of the students and henceforth, guide and support them to take right career field. Currently, different career counselling techniques have been in use by the experts which are based on scientific theories. Some of the basic theories that provided a strong foundation for the career development process are Maslow’s needs theory, John Holland’s Vocational Choice Theory, Learning Theory of John Krumboltz, Career Development theory of Donald E. Super, transition theory by Nancy Schlossberg etc. Although the importance of career counselling cannot be denied, yet there are several challenges associated with the process. In the UK, which is considered to be highly advanced in terms of career services, 70% of students under 14 said in a survey that they have never taken any career-advice while 45% of students above 14 said that they had received limited advice.

The report is a thorough research on the current career counselling situation in different countries and highlights what can be learnt from the nations that have widely adopted the platform of career counselling. In addition, the report also addresses the social challenges that we can solve through appropriate career counselling to the students. There is a section that identifies the mental health care of the students and professionals across the country. It has been reported that of all the people having psychological problems, 25% have their reasons due to dissatisfaction with their career and jobs. Most of these people are under 30 of the age and this makes it highly important to highlight the importance of career counselling.

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The contents of the report include the following:
Career counselling in different countries

  • India
  • United Kingdom
  • Canada
  • Europe
  • Japan
  • Global Education attainment and Performance Scoring
  • Career Counselling in Asia

Career counselling division by Age group

  • Students- School Level
  • Graduate and Post-Graduates
  • Working Professionals
  • Senior Citizens
  • Education Success and Career Counselling Relationship

CSR and Career Counselling

  • Facts about Career Counselling and CSR
  • CSR in Different Countries- Government Initiatives
  •  Analysing CSR laws in Different Countries
  •  Components of CSR spending in Education

Career Counselling and Social Issues

  • Tool for Increasing Enrolment Rate
  •  Removing Gender Disparity
  •  Decreasing Unemployment Rate
  •  Challenges Faced by Career Counsellors
  •  Impacts of Lack of Career Counselling
  •  Career Counselling for Economic Upliftment
  •  PEST Analysis

Aakanksha Aggarwal, founder of Craft Driven quotes that – “There is very less research that is currently available on career counselling. A large number of people don’t understand that receiving career counselling from an expert is as important as taking the right education from an experienced teacher. Even when career counselling is privately available in India since the 1980s, we have yet not made much progress on providing access to all the students and professionals. This report is an attempt to create an awareness towards the need of Career counselling.” On the other hand, Surabhi Dewra, CEO of visions her efforts by saying that – “Career counselling is not just an element of education, but it’s an essential element of a person’s lifestyle. It is as important as one considers taking the best opportunities in education and jobs. One needs to identify his/ her potential and accordingly get the best opportunity. Career counselling is a scientific process and should be dealt with likewise by people involved in the education sector.” 

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To get the report, click here.