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Coinlancer Collaborates with Cryptopia

Coinlancer (CL), an Ethereum based blockchain cryptocurrency has recently partnered with Cryptopia, following their two successful partnerships with Ether Delta and HitBTC.
Known for its unique Ethereum platform, Coinlancer is a new name in the field of freelancing and blockchain technology and has been listed on three successful exchanges in the first four weeks of the New Year.
Cryptopia has over 400 cryptocurrencies registered on its powerful currency trading platform, now available for freelancers on Coinlancer. With the continual growth we are seeing in the cryptocurrency market, Cryptopia is expected to evolve on a larger scale later this year. This decentralized digital currency is usually only transferred between peers. However, since Coinlancer’s recent partnership with Cryptopia, freelancers will now be able to trade and exchange easily on the platform.
As a New Zealand based company, freelancers using Cryptopia will also have the ability to exchange and trade on the platform in dollars, converting them to NZDT, the first cryptocurrency tethered to the New Zealand dollar. Cryptopia is one of the top blockchain platforms, where users can sell, deposit, and buy any cryptocurrency around the world. Coinlancer has confirmed that Cryptopia is a great platform to promote to their freelance users, trading in cryptocurrencies.
Furthermore, the platform Paytopia is now a part of Cryptopia, where purchasing the features and services provided by Cyrptopia is made quick and simple.
Following their successful partnership with HitBTC, Cryptopia provides another excellent platform for freelancers using Coinlancer.
The current rates for lowest sale order are 0.00002837 BTC whilst the highest buy order is currently recorded as 0.00002709 BTC. However, it is also possible to set a different price enabling users to buy coins at a cheaper rate, than what is currently being sold, along with stating the price of which the coins should be sold at in the future. To explain this further, the highest buying price is 0.00002709 BTC per TOA and users may choose to set a higher price of, for example: 0.00002715 BTC or more for the order to be the listed at the top. This means, if there’s someone willing to sell, it will be your order that will get hit first.