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Cashback Offers, Bonuses and Gold Coins Galore at Rummy Central This Rakhi Season

This Rummy season, Rummy Central is awash with simply amazing offers for all Rummy Central players and patrons! Thanks to these promotions, players can avail of stupendous cashback offers, as well as bonuses to match too. That’s not all however – we have saved the best for last: now, players can also win gold coins as part of our Rummy Central Rakhi offer!

At Rummy Central, we make every effort to ensure that our players’ playing experiences are always on theme and on point. Furthermore, you would now be delighted to discover that our Rakhi promotions are perfectly in keeping with the Rakhi theme, and the wondrous celebrations and festivities that surround it. 

Win gold coins!
Now, don’t miss the opportunity to win actual, real gold coins at Rummy Central this Rakhi season! All you have to do is simply wager the whole deposited amount with the RAKHI code at Rummy Central, and if you are amongst the top three with the most wager points, you will walk away with a shiny gold coin! It’s that simple!

Bonuses & Cashback offers!
That’s not all, however – players on the Rummy Central site, as well as the Rummy Central apps for Android and iOS devices can also avail of some truly mind-blowing bonuses and cashback offers at Rummy Central this Rakhi season. For more information about these offers, please peruse the bulleted points below:

  • Use the code Rakhi1 on deposits ranging from Rs. 500-1,999 and get a Bonus of 12% and a Cashback of 20%
  • Use the code Rakhi2 on deposits ranging from Rs. 2,000-3,999 and get a Bonus of 14% and a Cashback of 15%
  • Use the code Rakhi3 on deposits ranging from Rs. 4,000-7,499 and get a Bonus of 16% and a Cashback of 10%
  • Use the code Rakhi4 on deposits ranging from Rs. 7,500-10,000 and get a Bonus of 18% and a Cashback of 10%

As previously mentioned, we at Rummy Central always endeavour to please and delight, and this Rakhi promotion is just one in a long line of promotions and offers that seeks to do the very thing. So, do log on to and our apps for Android and iOS devices for our truly thrilling and spellbinding range of Rummy games, and for some absolutely riveting and simply scintillating Rummy action! Besides, do take advantage of the regular offers we provide for all our players – to play more and win more at Rummy Central!

For more information about Rummy Central and about our fabulous Rakhi offers, log onto, or download rummy app for Android and iOS devices today.