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Why You Should Use An Online Review Management Tool

Many of us of a certain age can remember going to the mall and being besieged by product questioners. Often this led to longer surveys of product satisfaction and sometimes actual money. Then one day, it seemed that all these people just disappeared. Ever wonder where they went? Well, the answer is today most customer satisfaction surveys are conducted using very effective software that can contact every customer through the world wide web using an online review management tool.

Today’s customer satisfaction software has generated service companies such as Review Trackers which can quickly provide data on all aspects of customer interaction. Potentially, each customer transaction can be reviewed, taking randomness and sometimes inconvenience out of the process. A true manager wants to know how EACH of his or her company’s transactions work out for their customers. Once you receive all your new data to measure customer loyalty, it can look a bit intimidating. Which data is critical and should be attended to right away? Here is a guide that explains which data to look at first.

Customer Satisfaction and the Net Promoter Score

This data answers the question how likely your customers are to recommend your service. This is of key importance because these are the people who will grow your business. Obtaining this score is easy. Your customer recommendation scores are ranked from 10 to 1. Look at your scores. Add up the number of scores less than 6. Then add up the scores at 9 and 10. Subtract the bottom scores from the top scores. The answer is your Net Promotor Score. This score will have a range of -100 to 100. Clearly, you want this score as close to 100 as possible. Use your customer comments section to improve this score.

Customer Effort Score

This score tells a manager how hard it is for their customers to buy their product. Ideally, this average should be between 9 and 10, an A level in school days. Upselling on multiple pages of a checkout procedure seems a good idea, but you might find many of your customers are busy and prefer a simple one screen checkout procedure. Or, you might find that your order process is delightful, and your customers are drawn to your company by the process itself. More than likely, the data will show that you are somewhere in between. Set a goal to improve this process to please your customers.

Purpose of Visit

This is a great score to watch because it tells you what your customers are coming to your site to see. Some customers will be simply looking, some will come intent on buying, and some may be discouraged by your site. You need to follow up on the whys of all these transactions, both good and bad. This will also allow you track patterns. For example, are there more serious buyers at night or on the weekend? Then you can aim specials and sales to reach these potential customers. Ideally, a good manager will know the purpose of each customer interaction and then use this to complete a sale.

Conclusion of Purpose

Your data should include a section on how successful your customers were at their desired purpose. Did they enjoy looking at your site? Did your shipping time or costs prevent a sale? Do your need more items in blue? All these types of concerns can be answered with this question. Devote some time to examining the reasons customers are not finishing their intended actions.

As you can see, a company like Review Trackers can provide data on a regular basis that is critical to a company in this modern age. Remember, you competitors will be collecting this data, too, with the intent of increasing their market share.