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The True Cost of Not Going Digital

In the current climate, just about every business currently trading will at least be partly reliant on digital technology. From a simple directory entry to an online store with hundreds of products online, at least part of what any successful company does will be in the digital sphere.

However, there are a handful of businesses in even the most well-connected countries who have ignored the benefits that digital can bring. Whether it’s through a lack of funds, the nature of their business or being stuck in old ways, ignoring digital technology could be highly costly in so many ways.

Missed Opportunities

Recent research on digital marketing worldwide found that in 10 developed countries, more people used mobile search than desktop. Having a mobile-friendly website or social media account is an absolute must for businesses who want to target as many people as possible. Going down the mobile route will also help you avoid missed money-making opportunities.

Speaking of missed opportunities, not going digital full stop will see you miss out on the opportunity to sell your products and services online. Ecommerce is a growing source of income for many brands the world over. Without an online store, your opportunities to sell become limited, particularly as footfall for physical stores gradually declines.

Environmental Cost

Digital technology has transformed the way in which we do admin work. No longer are businesses having to record every little item on paper, relying on word processing and spreadsheet apps instead. With all of these files stored digitally, companies who have “gone digital” see their printing costs kept to a manageable level.

Those who are still reliant on paper are spending a huge amount on stationery, but it’s the environmental cost that is even more staggering. According to research by Gradwell, if you turned digital documents such as PDFs into print format, what is created digitally by a customer service worker in just nine days would fill a house!

In a financial year, imagine the amount of paper that a non-digitalised company would go through. That would likely amount to a few trees’ worth of paper, whilst trips to the stationery store would be more common, using fuel for delivery trucks/vans as well.

Bring Your Laptop

Even those who have embraced digital documents are often unnecessarily printing out documents. These usually include agendas and notes for meetings and emails. By leaving the printer alone and bringing the laptop to meetings or bookmarking important messages, you save on cost and won’t use any extra energy.

Laptops and notebooks can work at their optimum level when synced with mobiles and tablets. By doing so, any documents you create online such as a spreadsheet or slideshow would be easily accessible on your smartphone. If you have a presentation to prepare for or a few last-minute amends to make to a document, syncing devices really comes into its own.

Catching Up

Any business that doesn’t go digital will find itself playing catch-up. As their competitors have embraced digital documents, social media, search engine optimisation and so on, relying on an old-fashioned notepad or printing everything you type is going to leave you at a greater disadvantage.

At the start of 2016, it was revealed that nearly half of small businesses in the US didn’t have a website. Failure to get even a basic blog explaining who you are, what you do and how to contact you will make it harder for your business to gain trade, whether it comes on your own doorstep or from overseas. Going digital will remedy this problem.

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