The Cryptocurrency Payment Processor Integrates TORG for Internet Businesses


Dubai, United Arab Emirates & Bangalore, Karnataka, India:
 Following its recent listing on several cryptocurrency exchanges, TORG has made the next big move to get integrated with CoinPayments, the world’s pioneer and leader in altcoin payment processing. This signifies TORG’s advance as a global utility-focused cryptocurrency from being owned in a crypto wallet to being used in direct exchange for goods and services across the world.
CoinPayments is active in over 200 countries, and serves over 70,000 merchants, globally. These merchants include not just shops and markets for goods and services, but also B2B businesses, tourism facilities, internet services, and several other businesses, including but not limited to healthcare, car dealerships, restaurants and cafes, gaming, and crypto services.
Integrating with CoinPayments puts TORG firmly on its path to becoming a globally acceptable and utility-focused cryptocurrency. As the world’s first utilimeme, it is fast emerging as the cryptocurrency of the future focused on serving mankind. It will do this by enabling instantaneous economic transactions serving an ever growing range of use cases. Through CoinPayments, TORG is gearing up as a utilimeme for everyday transactions, for both rich and poor. According to the TORG spokesperson, “The integration with CoinPayments has enabled our global users to pay with their TORG for goods and services from a very large number of merchants across the world. This is a great way forward for TORG as a utilimeme. We look forward to having our users pay for something as little as their morning coffee to something as premium as a Ferrari, with their TORG.”
This move constitutes TORG’s third significant step toward becoming a sustainable and utility-focused cryptocurrency, starting with its listing for trading on Uniswap on July 20, 2021. This first step of getting listed on the world’s leading decentralized currency exchange established TORG’s serious credentials as a cryptocurrency. The next step was its listing on several centralized cryptocurrency exchanges, one after the other. This enabled the global crypto community to deposit, sell and trade in TORG with ease using their preferred CEX(s). It helped create the wide acceptance and circulation needed for the new currency. Now, with its integration with CoinPayments, TORG is firmly established as a utilimeme that can be used for direct payments for an incredibly wide range of utilities.
For the TORG Foundation, however, this is just the beginning and not the end goal. It aims to focus futuristic financial technology on improving the conditions of mankind by furthering the goals of human development, democratically and transparently. While it is satisfied with TORG’s progress as a utilimeme, it still aims to pursue wider ambitions in line with its mission to serve mankind. It will therefore continue to explore and develop newer opportunities to connect with human development goals using its infrastructure, technology and resources.
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The TORG FOUNDATION aims to extend this confidence in the long-term sustainability of this cryptocurrency to its users by investing in the infrastructure for expanding TORG’s global relevance and use cases. It aims to extend its reach across both the developed and the developing worlds with the view of helping TORG become a globally acceptable cryptocurrency.
Disclaimer: The information available on this article is for educational purposes only and not an offer, solicitation of an offer, or advice to buy or sell securities, investment or tax advice. Purchasing cryptocurrencies comes with a number of risks. All Forward-looking statements involve risks and uncertainties which may cause actual results to differ materially from the statements made here. The data and non-TORG names are for informational and identification purposes only. 

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