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In the Field And Fully Connected:  Make Sure Your System is Streamlined from Service Tech to Billing and Support

Having a good field service management software is paramount to the success of your business. The reason is simple: by ensuring the best possible functionality, you will be able to achieve a greater productivity and the optimal management of resources, which should have a positive effect on your bottom line. Today, we’re going to present some of the factors that have a direct impact on it, so you can choose the best software solution for your particular needs.

Having a way to easily access your documents from anywhere

In the times gone by, you could only access your documents from a desktop computer that had specific software installed. In the mobile era, this is no longer the case, and our smart devices are well capable of being able to read most any type of files. Still, the software you choose should have a file repository for all your employees to access, ensuring a seamless communication between all.

Order statuses should be clearly defined and visible

Your entire staff should be able to see the order statuses at all times. This will help you keep everything on track, as well as help resolve any issues the moment they pop up. For example, your customer support team will be able to not only locate the technician, but also discern what that particular employee is up to at any given time.

Notes and reminders make things clearer

The ability to add customized notes to order statuses should further streamline the work process and make things clearer for the entire team. For example, the technician could use them to let others know of any difficulties encountered along the way, and the shift manager could issue a warning to all of the field technicians about something particular that applies to that day.

Billing and accounting integration will take care of the financial side of things

In order for your field service management software to be as comprehensive as possible, the billing and accounting features should be integrated into it. In other words, it should also be able to process payments if possible, and also archive the invoices so you and your customers can access them whenever needed.

Customized reports and analytics

Analyzing the efficiency of the work process is the first step towards being more productive. But first, you need to pinpoint the exact cause of delays, then devise and apply the appropriate solutions. Customized reports and analytics, especially if they’re capable of generating advanced and detailed statistics, are exactly the thing that’s going to help you move your business in the right direction.

Service scheduling

Service scheduling, is also one of the most important features for your software solutions to incorporate. By using it, you will be able to manage your employees and make sure that everyone is put to a good use that is compatible with their main strengths and weaknesses.


In the end, improving productivity and efficiency will make sure that you’re using your resources as optimally as possible, resulting in your business running successfully and with as little delays as possible.

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