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Money Trade Coin is the Next Big Thing in Crypto Market

A digital wave of cryptocurrencies along with the advancement in Blockchain Technology has, in no time made a stronghold in the financial markets globally and the trend doesn’t seem to fade anytime soon.

With the continued approach of digital expansion and an aim to reach the masses, Money Trade Coin Group proudly announces the launch of new operations based out of Poland in East Europe as well as Thailand in Asian countries. The move from the group is highly expected to yield better results from its flagship token Money Trade Coin that would prove beneficial to its investors.

With an already well-established market in Europe, the group has further strengthened its roots by announcing the registration of two new companies namely, MTCX Crypto Technologies and MTCX Digital Securities Exchange that will add to the plethora of services they already provide. With its operations based out of Poland in Eastern Europe, the group will expand its footprints in their European businesses. MTCX Crypto Technologies, a digital wallet service provider, and MTCX Digital Securities Exchange, a multi-cryptocurrency exchange service provider will initially focus on offering its services to the residents of the country but will not keep itself limited to country, as being a global company its services will be accessible to the investors across the globe. While both the companies have already acquired the mandatory approvals and the registration documents with the local government, the operations would commence from as soon as 60 days after this official announcement of the launch of its latest products.

While strengthening its footing in the European markets, Money Trade Coin Group is also looking into the development of Blockchain Technology in Asian countries, especially Thailand. With the extreme focus and productive talks, the group has successfully announced the launch of its first authorized cryptocurrency exchange and wallet solutions, MTCX Crypto Solutions in Thailand. Money Trade Coin group has already acquired an official registration for the commencement of its operations in the country which marks a huge development for business. While the technology is already in place, the operations are expected to commence as early as in the mid of February month. MTCX Crypto Solutions is expected to provide a multi-cryptocurrency based trading platform where investors would easily be able to trade. Once officially launched, the operations are expected to positively impact the growth of the group while developing the Blockchain environment in Thailand, an added benefit.

Pioneering the launch of a registered cryptocurrency exchange and wallet services, Money Trade Coin Group started its operations in Europe with its branches based out of United Kingdom and Estonia. The launch of its operations based out of Poland and Thailand is aimed at strengthening the group’s global network while the technology gets available to the masses. Since the start, the group has focused on an organic growth approach and not simply limiting its purview of growth to the domestic markets. It has focused heavily on the global markets which have reaped its benefits to the investors with the digital asset soaring to new highs at $199, a significant appreciation when compared to its launch price of $3. This has led to an influx of institutional investors adopting the digital asset in their mainstream business, thereby giving an official recognition to the Money Trade Coin amongst the investors’ community.

Dr. Amit Lakhanpal, the founder of the group, closes in with the approach of developing a transparent economy driven by an independent thinking, this marks a significant step in the development process.

With the multitude of announcements brought already in the start of the New Year, it seems to become more interesting to watch out for further developments that would be happening in the group for the months to come and its impact on the prices of its flagship Money Trade Coin.

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