How to Start a Dropshipping Business in 2022

Start a Dropshipping Business from Scratch

Ready to become an entrepreneur? If you are thinking of starting a dropshipping business in 2022, now is the time to start.  If you’re willing to work, you can make the most of any situation. Become your own boss, manage your own inventory, and enjoy your profits!

With this in mind, you may be curious- what does it take to start a dropshipping business? Maybe not as much as you might think! Let’s break down the average costs as well as the steps you’ll need to take to reach your goal.

What is Dropshipping?

Simply put, dropshipping involves four parties: the manufacturer, the supplier, the customer, and you. The wholesale manufacturer will provide products to a wholesale supplier. You can then find these products and create a store to host them. Essentially, you are the broker between the products and the customer. You find the right trending products, carry the inventory, and assume the risk of unsold inventory. You sell these products as your own brand, on your own website, without the help of the supplier. The customer then purchases the items directly from your site, or from sites like Amazon.

The First Steps to Start a Dropshipping Business

Before you can begin your dropshipping business, you’ll need a few ideas. First, you need to figure out what your product niche is. Who is your audience and what is your target market? What is your desired product/products? Before you can find a wholesale supplier, you need to figure out what you are supplying.  Additionally, your website or business will need a name! Choose one that makes sense for your products and your market.

Create a Website and a Plan

So, you’ve got your name and your niche all planned out. The next step is to create your website, as well as your marketing strategy. Here are a few tools you need to consider if you are looking to start a dropshipping business:

  • Create Your Website: You’ll need a domain name and you should sign up for Shopify. It is one of the easiest ways to have a customer check out, and you then have access to their help if something is amiss. If using WordPress or GoDaddy isn’t your thing, you can always hire a freelance developer to assist you with this process. You don’t have to do everything on your own if you are in over your head!
  • Install ​​Automizely: This dropshipping tool can allow you to find products online that you can sell on the same day. You’ll be able to access a ton of niche products in your market! That can take away some of your headaches.
  • Start Your Marketing Plan: It is tempting to purchase social media ads. But, Facebook and Instagram ads are not always successful for dropshipping companies that are just starting up. Instead, focus more on your website and improving the SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Use tools like Ahrefs and SEMRush to keep track of your site health. Additionally, try gearing your marketing strategy towards influencer marketing. Get on TikTok and search for influencers that are willing to partner with you for a sponsored post. You can also purchase inFeed ads, which allows you to hire a video model to show off your product.
  • Analyze Your Competitors: Even if you have found your niche, there is almost always competition. Make sure you stay on top of your competitors and see what they are doing! It’s always a good idea to use the Ahrefs tool to search for your competitors in the area as well as in the same market. Additionally, do some digging of your own on the web. Research your product and see what’s on the market and what is selling!

Finance Your Dreams

After you’ve done your research, created your website, and discovered your niche, you’re ready to start your dropshipping business. However, advertising and buying inventory for a customer is challenging. Not only do you have to assume the risk of carrying inventory as a drop shipper, but you also need to have the funds to purchase the inventory in the first place. Once the inventory is established, you’ll need funds to advertise if that is your desired marketing strategy.

So, how do you find a way to finance your dream if you don’t have enough saved up? The average cost to start a dropshipping business is around $290-500, depending on how much inventory you are looking to have upfront. You can apply for loans to get started, look at this site to learn more, but just keep in mind that this is not a guaranteed way to make money. Make sure you are smart with your money and invest in your business! If you are going to start, go all out and be invested in yourself as well as your new business.



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