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How to Build the Ultimate Employment Fair Stand

Employment fairs fell out of favor during the 90s, but in the new millennium, they have come back bigger and busier than ever before. In a challenging business climate and with troubling employment statistics worldwide, it’s no real surprise to see this resurgence. Employment fairs offer you as a business owner a number of positives that shouldn’t be dismissed. Firstly, they allow you to remove a time-heavy hiring process by meeting and chatting with those interested in a position with your business. This personal touch can save you a lot of time and expense. As well as this, because employment fairs are heavily promoted by schools and colleges, your company name will reach a whole new demographic, making them invaluable marketing tools. Here’s how to make your impact at an employment fair far greater.

Be clear

When you attend an employment fair you are given a stand and left to your own devices. Many employers attending these events use the minimal approach and hope for the best. This is a missed opportunity to promote your business and entice potential hires to your stand. You need to make the most of your presence, and that’s why you should look at the range of banners available. There are a wide range of banner types, and with customized banner printing you can emblazon your logo across them to really maximize the impact that you create. Banners also make your business look more professional, making you a far more enticing potential employer.

Own the space

Your stand is your space, and you should make the most of it. Banners are great, but having a customized backdrop allows you a much greater element of space control. Choose from a variety of backdrop options that can be customized however you prefer, and you’ll once again look far more professional. Choose the size that suits your budget, and you’ll be able to use these displays and backdrops over and over again. If you’re planning to become a regular attendee of events like trade shows and employment fairs, these backdrops can be worth the expenditure for those looking to make the most of their presence.

The subtle approach

Your branding may not be ostentatious enough to justify an enormous backdrop, so you may instead choose to opt for something more subtle and elegant. For these purposes, you can’t beat a table throw. Simple to customize and perfect for those with minimal needs, table throws can make all the difference between your table stand and those of your neighbors. Choose from solid color throws or those with a separate runner to really personalize your stand, and you’ll be attracting the best and brightest of potential new employees.

Finding new employees can be costly and time heavy. From advertising rates to CV-checking to interview days, there are many pitfalls when it comes to finding the right people for the right job. Job fairs cut through this laborious task, and will open up both time and budget for more business productivity.