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How Affiliate Marketing Will Be In 2019?

We cannot deny that Affiliate Marketing is going to be the next big thing in digital marketing. As per a study by Forrester, by 2020, the affiliate marketing spending in the United States is expected to grow to $6.8 billion. This alone predicts how affiliate marketing is going to be in the coming future!

In 2019 as well, we will see affiliate marketing growing tremendously by adopting new technologies and trends. So, if you’re looking to go for affiliate marketing or are into it currently, you must not be left behind. Staying updated is the key to success in not just in Affiliate Marketing but in other fields as well.

Affiliate Marketing has a lot to grow and adapt. Many big people are talking about Affiliate Marketing not only for 2019 but for many more years to come. Cole Hernandez, the founder of Pink Graffiti has a beautiful thought on Affiliate Marketing. She says that with the increasing freelancers and solopreneurs, affiliating marketing is not just another opportunity but a booming one. Millennials are nowadays looking more to passive income and Affiliate Marketing is a fit for it.

Well, she’s right in one way or another. When it comes to passive income, or something like work as you sleep, Affiliate Marketing is the perfect thing that can help you earn with one time efforts or by occasional efforts. Not just this, there are bloggers and people who solely depend upon affiliate marketing as their primary source of income. Pat Flynn is the known superstar in this field who solely depends upon what he calls it as “smart income”.  He is an inspiration for everyone to move ahead with affiliate marketing.

In this year and other years to come, affiliate marketing is not just going to be a source of passive income but also a primary and sole source as well. So, if you’re looking forward to affiliate marketing or going to continue the same, here are some tips you should not miss out on:

1. Focus of Mobile First Approach

Well, as we know, people nowadays use mobile devices to scroll or buy anything, hence it becomes necessary that you take care of your audience which uses mobile devices. If you’re doing affiliate marketing through your blog or advertising it, make sure the blog or website is responsive. You can test it using some cross browser testing tool like LambdaTest for responsiveness.

2. Advertisements Will Bring More Results

Advertising the product you’re promoting for an affiliate, not only brings you attention but also brings you a potential lead. So, you can invest in more advertisements and look for the ROI by joining some of the good affiliate programs.

There are various affiliate programs which allows you a commission as much as 50% or even more. But choosing an affiliate program wisely is as important as joining one.

3. Social Media is not an old game yet

Promoting a product and earning passive income from it can be done by Social Media as well. Social Media is a platform which is continuing to grow more and more. Every second 11 new people join Social Media, as per Hootsuite, So, you can imagine its buzz.

You can continue to promote your affiliate product on Social Media and get more earning just by sharing some articles.

4, Customers still care for reviews

The first thing that the customer does before buying any product is to put [Product Name] and enter it on a review site. So, choose an affiliate product to promote which has good social reviews and is easily accessible by the users.

5. Don’t Choose the Product which is not evergreen

If you choose a product which is seasonal or not in trend right away, this can cause your affiliate sales to go down. While choosing a product make sure to choose one which is in trend and is evergreen.

For example, if you’re looking a tech for the product to sell, go for one which is not just evergreen but of use to the majority of tech people. There are affiliate programs like LambdaTest Affiliate Program, Amazon Affiliate Program, SEMRush Affiliate, etc. which you can choose from. These programs are evergreen, provide you with a better ROI, more commission and above all have good reviews and social image.

6. More “OK Google” and “Hey Siri”

With bigger brands like OnePlus and Apple focusing more on Voice Search, it is also going to be trending in Affiliate Marketing. Customers are looking more to Voice Search and “Hey Siri” and “OK Google” are some examples of breaking the ice in it. This is yet another thing that will continue to dominate in Affiliate Marketing.

Some Revealing Facts about Affiliate Marketing

With this said, let’s talk about something more that will encourage you to look up to affiliate marketing in 2019:

  • 81% of the brands use Affiliate Marketing as of now and this will be going to continue in the coming year
  • Approximately 84% of the Publishers leverage affiliate marketing for encouraging their products’ sale and again this is just a static number, expected to grow more in the coming years.
  • Out of total order made online, 16% of them are made with affiliate links! Woosh! Just another thing that gives an idea of how much this is relevant and selling
  • This one is solid proof that affiliate marketing is not just a thing but a big thing. Jason Stone in the year 2017, was responsible for a sale of $7million in just two months (June and July 2017).

Well, that was just not an estimate how affiliate marketing is growing and how it will continue to grow in 2019 if you look out for more and advanced methods and keep growing. So, don’t take it lightly affiliate marketing is one of the best methods of passive income or smart income.

Choose an affiliate product, stay trendy, and keep earning!