Health and Term Insurance Price Index Marks a Huge Jump in Quarter 2


Gurgaon, Haryana, India:, a leading web insurance aggregator, unveils the ‘Insurance Price Index’ data for the second quarter of 2021. According to the report, there is a drastic shift spotted in the insurance price index of both – Term Insurance & Health Insurance. Both insurance schemes have undergone a major shift in terms of premium prices, age category, etc in the months of April, May & June 2021.
Unlike Q1 2021, Health Insurance Price Index witnessed a major shift in the 2nd quarter with an increase of 4.87%, marking a surge of insurance premium prices to Rs. 25197 in the index value. The Insurance Price Index of Health Insurance had been constant in the last two quarters i.e. Q4, 2020 and Q1, 2021 at Rs. 24026. 
A few health insurance companies didn’t increase their premium prices in the last couple of years and then the radical increase in the number of claims due to COVID19 has led to this stir. Moreover, the additional coverage of several diseases such as mental disorders, genetic diseases, neuro-related disorders, psychiatric disorders, etc is responsible for the sharp increase in the health insurance premium prices. 
Analysing the impact segment-wise, then, the highest surge is witnessed in the premium prices of the 2 Adults category i.e. 5% followed by the 2 Adults & 1 Child category i.e. 4.3%. Alongside, the average premium prices plummeted by 9.3% for the 46 age group and 10Lac sum insured category. 
In Q2 2021, the major price change was undertaken by three insurance companies with 24.5% being the highest increase, followed by 9.8% and 0.7%. However, the rest of the 3 insurers refrained from any kind of price increase in their premiums. 
The premium prices for Health Insurance are average prices taken from the leading 6 health insurance companies for all age groups i.e, 26 years, 36 years, 46 years, and 56 years & all coverage types i.e, 1 adult, 2 adults, 2 adults + 1 child, and 2 adults + 2 children.
For a detailed report on Health Insurance Price Index click here:
The constantly increasing Term Insurance Price Index has once again reflected a change in the index price of a 2.79% surge, taking the average price of term insurance premium to Rs. 22,524 in Q2 2021.
Now, the Term Insurance average price of Rs. 1 crore sum insured has reached to Rs. 29,007 in the last quarter. 
With this latest shift, the term insurance space has a cumulative surge of 7.29% in the span of Q4 2020 to Q2 2021 in India. 
The unrelenting impact of COVID19 in India has laid a drastic impact on the Term Insurance category with an exceptional shoot up in the mortality rate.
Segregating the impact into different categories, males, in the age bracket of 55-years, tops the chart in the list of premium increases by 3.3% i.e. the highest jump among all age groups. Conversely, the average premium for the female age group of 25-years increased to Rs. 9,307 in Q2 2021, accounting for the lowest hike at 1.4%. 
During the last quarter, 4 insurers have increased their premium values i.e. approx 24.5%, followed by 3.7% & 1.6% and minimum rise is 1.1% out of 10 insurers.
Age, being a paramount factor affecting the term insurance premium, lays a big impact on the premium prices, hence, in the current scenario, delaying a term plan by 10 years will cost 46.2% higher for 25 years old and 72.7% higher for a 35 years old person. 
The mentioned premium prices are average from 10 leading insurance companies for various age groups i.e. 25 years, 35 years, 45 years and 55 years for both genders and smokers & non-smokers category. 
For a detailed report on Term  Insurance Price Index click here:
“The overall insurance sector is experiencing an escalation in recent times. The unprecedented scenario has laid doubly pressure on the insurance sector which the industry tried hard to manage in the last few months. However, the partial pressure has to be borne by the customers as well,” explains Naval Goel, Founder & CEO,
“Despite the price rise, customers can make the best out of their plans by making the purchase of the suitable policies at the right age. If we refer to these latest findings, then the biggest hike is spotted at the higher age and the delay in the purchase of a policy certainly reflects an impact on the premium prices. Not to forget, the added premium prices of insurance plans now give added benefits and more security, hence the customer always has an edge in buying the insurance policies,” adds Goel. 

About Insurance Price Index
This is the third ‘Insurance Price Index’ report launched by the leading insurance web aggregator company, The index tracks prices of Term insurance and Health insurance from the leading Indian Insurance Companies, offering analysis and trends through data analytics. is the foremost company to introduce the ‘Insurance Price Index’ that allows users to have a transparent & enhanced view of insurance prices by observing the shifts & trends in the premium price.
About is an IRDA approved and one of the leading insurance comparison portals helping consumers compare, choose, and buy policies online. The company was founded to provide consumers with expert guidance in selecting health, term, investment, and car insurance plans from some of the top insurance providers in the country. It runs complex algorithms to find plans that fit customer requirements, complete with live quotes, dynamic cash flow charts, videos, and infographics within seconds, thereby helping them make an informed choice.

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