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HappyEMI’s Digital EMI Card for the Millennials Recognized as One of the Global Top 50 Innovative Companies by Kairos Society at Its Global K50 Summit

  • SuhasSuhas Gopinath, Co-founder of HappyEMI; Ankur Jain, Founder of Kairos Society; Anand Sankeshwar, Co-founder of HappyEMI


This year Kairos Society recognized HappyEMI as one of the top 50 innovative start-ups in the world at its annual Global K50 Summit held at One World Trade Center observatory in New York City. HappyEMI was also featured by the Inc. Magazine as one of the top 50 emerging companies in the world.

The Kairos Society is specifically recognizing HappyEMI which is a Fintech start-up focussed into digital lending, for the way that the firm helps consumers make their most important purchases in offline and online stores affordable through its Digital EMI Card focussed on the new to credit and mid prime customers in India. HappyEMI uses alternate data such as bank statements, mobile data, loyalty cards, etc to assess the customer’s risk in less than a minute and approve a credit limit for them to use it at partner stores to buy mobile phone, healthcare treatments, furniture’s, home appliances, etc at 0% EMI as the partner stores pay HappyEMI commission to finance the purchases for their customers. This comes with a cheque from US $50,000 from Kairos Fund to help HappyEMI achieve its vision to make finance affordable and accessible which is been the theme for Kairos Global Summit this year.

HappyEMI which is based in Bangalore, India is a year-old start-up co-founded by Suhas Gopinath, who was formerly the CEO of Globals Inc., and Anand Sankeshwar. Its investors includes AJ Ventures, JIIF Fund and Yang Shu, who was former President of Huawei.

Kairos Society, which is a society for young entrepreneurs worldwide helps entrepreneurs get access to mentors and investors and helps them to solve global problems such as affordable finance, housing, education and healthcare.

“HappyEMI is re-inventing the credit card and building a platform to make it financially inclusive for the aspirational youth in India to get access to credit to finance their most important purchases and does responsible lending with 0% interest when they shop at partner stores” said Suhas Gopinath, CEO of HappyEMI. “We are thrilled to be part of the K50 List by the Kairos Society and its great encouragement and validation of our mission to make credit accessible and affordable and keeping our team energized” said Anand Sankeshwar, Co-founder of HappyEMI.

During the Summit, HappyEMI presented before 150 of today’s most influential CEOs, industry leaders, media, and global VCs and Family Offices. The event is designed as an immersive experience showing the pain points affecting the lives of consumers, and how companies and others in attendance are working to address these global challenges. Companies are organized into five core sectors: Spaces, Finance, Education, Health, and Emerging Tech. Kairos has helped K50 companies raise over USD 1 billion till date.

About HappyEMI

HappyEMI is a consumer lending platform that helps consumers to finance their purchases to 3 or 6 months’ instalments at point-of-sale in offline and online stores. HappyEMI works with over 3000 stores India and operates in over 10 cities. HappyEMI’s has an edge over others through its data-driven approach that underwrites risk beyond credit score to reach broader consumer base by using alternative data points and has signed up major retail brands in categories such as Mobile, Consumer Durables, Elective Healthcare, Home Improvement, & Car Accessories. HappyEMI monetizes through subvention from Manufactures, Service Providers and Retailers and financing charges from Consumers. HappyEMI helps its Retail Partners improve sales conversions, boost basket sizes, and increase customer happiness.

About Kairos Society

The Kairos Society is a global community of young entrepreneurs and global leaders who aim to solve the world’s greatest challenges. Kairos is supported by international mentors like Peter Diamandis, Richard Branson, Bill Gates and Bill Clinton. Kairos Society operates in over 10 countries and it organizes Kairos Global Summit in New York, which is one of the international top-level events. Every year Kairos fellows from all around the world gather at the Kairos Global Summit, where influential CEOs, mentors, start-ups and young entrepreneurs share their vision of the future and start collaborations. During the Kairos Global Summit, the K50 is announced, which is the list of the 50 most promising companies worldwide addressing a global challenge.

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