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A Guide to Protecting Your Business’s Data

Data has become a very valuable commodity in recent years, with hackers and other criminals stealing information from companies and then demanding money for its release. Large companies from all over the world, have tried to put stricter security measures in place to try and prevent such attacks from happening.

Here is a guide to how you can improve your security to protect your company from security breaches.

Audit Your Security Practices

You won’t be aware of what you need to do unless you find out where the problems are. You can do this by carrying out a security audit that will identify and holes in your security. You can then come up with strategies to fill in the gaps and make your security better.

It is important to audit all your technology including mobiles, tablets, computers, and networks, so you don’t leave any areas unchecked.

Software and Hardware

Part of your security review might highlight areas where you are vulnerable. One such area has software or hardware that is out of date or not updated properly. It is vital that you have all the correct security updates and patches on your system to prevent viruses from attacking your computers.

You can also consider putting all your data in the cloud using software such as Office 365. By backing up everything offsite, you can protect it from an attack or data loss. If you were to lose your system, you could quickly recover it from the site.

There are many companies that now complete and save a lot of their work in the cloud, and if you buy Office 365 from a company such as Bytes, they can help to set it up as well. By backing up your documents in the cloud, hacker will be unable to hold sensitive information for ransom.

You will also need an up to date virus scanner that can scan emails and attachments. It will hopefully prevent attacks or alert you if there is a problem.

Securing your Passwords

Having secure passwords is a headache for many companies. Employees should be trained in the importance of passwords for securing data.

You can also use software such as Keeper that can store all your employee’s passwords and help you to generate new ones. It will be a big step in protecting your information and preventing your employees from inadvertently giving away their passwords.

Transporting Data

If at all possible, the use of USB or other data devices to move information around should be avoided. Even with the best plans and emergency procedures in place, it is very easy for these items to get lost.

If you are using a cloud solution, you won’t need to worry about carrying any material with you. It will be possible for you to access any document on the cloud server you have, whether it be on the train or bus. It will also update the version on the server in real time, making it quick and effective.

By ensuring the security of your company’s data, you are also protecting the trust of your clients and customers.