Broker Investment S.R.O.: Shared-Liquidation System, the sanctuary for Forex Investor during US-China trade war

CZECH REPUBLIC – Media OutReach – 29 June 2020 – Covid-19 pandemic badly hit global economy and currency market. However, Chinese Yuan has
back to stability, fluctuating within 6.84 to 7.09. Apparently, China plays
utmost important role in the economy of US. According to US-China Trade Council
in year 2018, data shows Michigan had exported $3.6billion value of goods to
China whereas import has reached nearly $10.4billion, but transaction volume decreased
to $8.7billion since 2019.


Besides, Trump President emphatically accused
China for the pandemic, which ushered in level of unemployment approaching in
Great Depression and even demanding financial compensation from China on the pandemic
issue. This is intensifying relations between the two countries, and become a threat
to stock market and foreign exchange. However, BIS (Liquidity Provider, LP) provides
another investment option, which is the world’s first shared-liquidation


Broker Investment
S.R.O., or BIS, has introduced the world’s first shared-liquidation system,
allowing investors to gain from the $6-trillion-daily-trading-volumes Forex
market. BIS refrain investors from losses in volatile market, which converse
traditional ways of large consortia or banks. BIS analyzes all orders with
Artificial Intelligence, to segregate out stable orders and trade against
brokers with the liquidity capacity from investors. With the expertise in
fintech, investment banking, and foreign exchange market, BIS confidents to bring
profitable return to the investors.

BIS image


BIS provides liquidity to market and
adjust liquidity structure with banks. BIS was established at Czech Republic in
2014 and registered with a finance industry permit issued by Czech National
Bank (CNB). BIS is under the supervision of CNB, which has stringent
requirements on financial institutions to ensure the safety and stability of financial
system as well as the investment quality. BIS is mandatory to comply with
applicable laws and regulations of the financial regulators. After six years of
establishment, BIS has now launched a new associate program, bringing new hope
to the financial industry which is currently facing the impact of pandemic and
trade war.

BIS image2


BIS strives to develop new market from ASEAN
and next expand to Asia. BIS aims to recruit 100,000 associates within a year,
predominates 1% daily-transaction-volumes for most countries in ASEAN, to gain
a foothold in Asia and move towards global. BIS is now open for associates to
join them, as soon to become the largest foreign exchange liquidity provider,
bringing new hope as well as providing a new, stable and low-risk options for


News Source: MediaOutreach



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