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Apollo Munich Health Insurance Reinforces Its Commitment Towards Bettering Customers’ Health

New Delhi, January 12th, 2017: Leading standalone health insurance company – Apollo Munich Health Insurance today launched the ‘Stay Active’ benefit to reward and encourage its customers to lead more active lives. The idea of ‘Stay Active’ was formed as a result of an in-depth research amongst health insurance policyholders and those interested in purchasing health insurance, along with Nielsen India Pvt. Ltd. in 19 cities. The research revealed that almost 80% of respondents are fearful of health issues in the future and hence are keen to get fit, but seek simple ways to do so. Apollo Munich’s ‘Stay Active’ benefit has been designed keeping in mind that walking is the easiest and the most effective form of exercise to remain active and healthy.

The research further revealed that 2/3rd of the respondents like the concept of incentivisation from their insurer for staying fit. Hence, policyholders of revised Optima Restore and Easy Health can now earn up to 8 percent renewal discount by simply walking. To avail the Stay Active benefit, customers just need to download Apollo Munich’s newly launched ‘Health Jinn’ app on their Apple or Android mobile phones from the app store. ‘Health Jinn’ app will simply count the number of steps one walks, and accordingly rewards the policyholders with 2, 5 or 8 percent renewal discount. In order to help more people lead healthier lives, Apollo Munich is engaging its customers with this app and a renewal discount rewarding customers helps them take more steps towards a fitter future.

In addition to the Stay Active benefit, ‘Health Jinn’ will also empower Apollo Munich customers to manage their policy and claims anywhere, anytime, with everything at their fingertips.

Speaking about the ‘Stay Active’ benefit, Antony Jacob, Chief Executive Officer, Apollo Munich Health Insurance said, “At Apollo Munich, we believe that it is our responsibility to support our customers in times of medical emergencies, and also partner with them in good health. With growing awareness of health insurance, people expect more from their insurers and our ‘Stay Active’ benefit is an initiative to offer that something extra to our customers. In our journey to uncomplicate health insurance offerings for the citizens if India, the easy to use ‘Stay Active’ benefit is a step in uncomplicating wellness offerings for health insurance customers. Walking is the simplest form of exercise and does not require any major investments, except for a pair of good shoes and the time to walk. We want to encourage more and more of our customers to get out of their homes and walk towards healthier futures, rather than be bogged down by the fear of health issues as they grow older.”

Apollo Munich has also introduced an annual preventive health check-up and an emergency air ambulance service to its Easy Health and Optima Restore customers for emergency life threatening health conditions, which require immediate and rapid ambulance transportation to the nearest hospital/medical centre, which ground transportation cannot provide.